Virginia City Highlands Property Owners Association

Minutes – Monthly Meeting, Tuesday January 9, 2007

Virginia City Highlands Fire Station Training Room – 7:00 p.m.


Present:          Bill Lewis, Mike Lupo, Rita Lumos, Mary Tallent-Stewart

Absent:           Debra Gravenstein


I.         Call to order, declaration of a quorum and approval of meeting agenda

President Lumos called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. and declared that a                  quorum was present.

II.       Approval of minutes of December 12, 2006

Minutes reviewed and motion made by Mike Lupo with a second by Bill Lewis to approve the minutes.  Motion carries.

III.      Financial Statements (Discussion/Action)

A.    Monthly Cash Report

B.    Monthly Financial Statements

Lydia Hammack was absent at the meeting.  Mike Lupo reviewed the financials with the group.  A transfer from reserve to checking for $13,624.87 needs to be made to cover expenditures for fuel, equipment rental, road material and labor less $3600 in architectural fees and a $200 deposit in checking that belong in the reserve.  Total transfer should be $9,824.87.  Thirty property owners are being turned over to collections for not paying dues and/or special assessments.  The online banking program has been set up and a debit card issued but not activated.  Rita suggested that it be shredded as checks will still need to be signed manually.  Bill Lewis made a motion to accept the financials as submitted with a second by Mary Tallent-Stewart.  Motion carries


Rita Lumos stated that the bookkeeper Lydia is currently being paid $15 per hour to keep our books and she would like a raise.  She had indicated to Rita that she does more, i.e. collections, buys software, deals with irate homeowners etc.  Mike Lupo made a motion to raise the bookkeeper’s pay to $20 per hour with a second by Bill Lewis.  Motion carries.  They will get with Lydia to see exactly what type of work she has and will be doing.

IV.       Public Comments

            None to report

V.        Comments by Association Members (NRS 116.3108(3))

            A resident on Adobe road complained that a Virginia City advertising periodical

            been placed in all the residents driveways and have ended up as litter in the

            ditches and could set a precident for more such deliveries.  It was suggested that

            they be put in a box at the mailboxes with the rest of the papers.  Rita will

            contact them.  A resident on Sazarac asked why stucco has been allowed as an

            exterior material in the Highlands as it is not in the CC& R’s.  Rita explained that

the issue was addressed by an attorney and approved by the homeowners at the annual meeting in July 2006 because of the fire safety issues.  It is in the

architectural guidelines.

VI.       A.  Architectural Committee

                  Nothing to report except that there are two openings on the Committee and

                  there has been one application by Andy Beiderman for a seat.  Bill made

                  a motion to accept the application with a second by Mike Lupo.

            B.  Road Report

                  Culverts have been completed on Grizzley and Empire.  The equipment yard

                  is clean and Bob is working on getting rid of the old oil.  A fuse was

                  replace in the GMC for the 4x4 and sanding was completed 12/16 and

                  plowing 12/17.  The front loader is hard to start.  Randy Baker has a plow/

                  tractor and is willing to rent it to the association for $50 an hour.  It takes

                  15 minutes to load the sander with the tractor.  The rear tires have been

                  replaced also.   Pinenut Road has been graded and material laid per the

                  association’s authorization.  The trouble with the sander is that when the

                  sand is wet it sticks.  In the spring Bob would like to have an overhang

                  built to store the sand.  On drivers, the 10 acre association is paying $20

                  per hour and the 1 acre’s are paying $15.  Bob suggested that if we need to

                  switch or borrow drivers we may have an issue.  Rita checked the budget

                  and stated that its not that big of a difference so a motion was made by Bill

                  Lewis to increase the driver pay to $20 per hour with a second by Mary

                  Tallent-Stewart.  Motion carries.  It will be effective immediately.  There

                  was a quick storm that left Cartwright Road in slick shape.  Bob received

                  calls and they sanded the road by hand as the County did not respond to

                  the call for assistance.  Bob put four steel posts around the culvert at

                  Saddleback and Flint and fixed the address sign.  There are old culverts

                  laying across the highway on St Rte 341 that Bob will clear out.  The

                  association had a request to purchase a set of chains that didn’t fit any

                  of it’s vehicles and Bob says they are worth about $300-400.  Rita doesn’t

                  think we should sell them.  It cost $1,929.32 to fix the water truck., Bob

                  it was the clutch which was adjusted.  The truck needs an annual vehicle

                  inspection because we have to go to VC for water.  The mechanic hears

                  a noise in the engine and wants to check the bearings and lower part of the

                  engine.  Bob would like to see it repaired.  If the truck is repaired the 10-

                  acre association could rent it and share the expense.  Mike suggested a

                  rental agreement for the 10’s and repair the truck.  A motion was made by

                  Mike to repair the truck and cut a deal with the 10’s to rent it.  A second

                  was made by Bill Lewis.  Motion carries.  Insurance issues will be addressed.


                  A resident on Sazarac wanted to know when that road will be graded.  He is

                  irate because he was told the road would be graded when there was moisture

                  and nothing has been done.  It was explained to him that there was no way

                  the road could be graded in the condition it was in with all the snow on it. 

                  He threatened to sue the association and Board if the work was not done and

                  refused to pay any more dues.   Rita stated that the work would be done in

                  the spring according to the road plan and not before.



C.    Documents

Keith was waiting for more responses from homeowners and they have come in and he will go over them Thursday.  The majority seem to favor changing the annual dues to a set amount to cover expenses annually.  Not as many people are responding to the CCR change and there is a mixed response.


No Park Report this meeting


VII.         Old Business

A resident came to the meeting regarding a flooding problem at the base of her driveway on Sazarac Road.  Bob, Rita and Mary have all looked at the driveway.  The major ditch is on the other side of the road and if there is a culvert it has been buried by dirt pushed from widing and grading the road.  The resident indicated that there indeed was a culvert there and it was buried.  A motion was made by Bill Lewis to investigate her problem in the spring and try to find the culvert and what it would take to eleviate the problem.

    VIII.     New Business

                  Nothing to report


No Executive Session


     VIV:    Adjourn 8:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted





Mary Tallent-Stewart