Virginia City Highlands Property Owners Association

Minutes – Monthly Meeting, Tuesday March 13, 2007

Virginia City Highlands Fire Station Training Room – 7:00 p.m.


Present:  Bill Lewis,  Mary Tallent-Stewart, Mike Lupo

                Absent:  Debra Gravenstein, Rita Lumos


I.    Call to order, declaration of a quorum and approval of meeting agenda

Vice President Bill Lewis called the meeting to order at 7:00 and declared a quorum             present.


II.   Approve minutes of February 13, 2007 regular meeting

Minutes reviewed and motion made by Mike Lupo to approve the minutes with a     second by Mary Tallent-Stewart.  Motion carries.


III.  Financial Statements (Discussion/Action)

A.    Monthly Cash Report

B.    Monthly Financial Statements

 Vice President Lupo discussed the February reports.  Expenses this month were $2,100 which included road maintenance labor, bookkeeping expense and retular utility bills.   Balance in checking is $54,000 and $25,000 in the reserve.  There are approximately $18,000 in outstanding receivables.  Sixty six late notices went out for dues not paid and thireteen of those are in collections.  Mary Tallent-Stewart made a motion to approve the financials as submitted with a second by Mike Lupo.  Motion carried.


IV.  Public Comments

        Storey County Commissioner Kershaw attended the meeting and spoke about the

        potential CordeVista development.  Based upon views from property owners in the

        Highlands at the last town hall meeting he doesn’t feel at the present time that

        the development would be approved but the process has a long way to go.  The

        homeowners in the community of Lockwood have a different feeling about the

        project.  Currently the land that Blake Smith has purchased for the project is zoned

        heavy special industrial.  The master plan and zoning are currently being reviewed.


        The county’s plan to take over the maintenance of Cartwright road was discussed.

        The county has a new public works director.  There will be an agreement drawn

        between the Highlands and the county to maintain Cartwright and the Association

        will retain ownership.  Both the one acre and ten acre associations will have an

        agreement which will be revocable at any time.  It was stated that the county had

        always assumed responsibility for Lousetown Road but if it is truly the county’s

        responsibility then the road could be “adandoned” and given to the ten and forty acre

        association.  The county would maintain restricted easements.  In this regard it

        would give the associations more control.  Commissioner Kershaw will ask the

        county commission to draft an agreement.  The association will save money that

        can be put back into the reserve fund.  A motion to ask the Storey County

        Commission to draft an agreement between the one acre association and the County

        to maintain Cartwright Road was made by Mike Lupo with a second by Mary

        Tallent-Stewart.  Motion carries.   It was noted that Bob Moore will continue to

        work in his capacity as Road Manager.  A question was asked if the Board would

        be involved directly with the CordaVista project.  Bill Lewis stated that collectively

        any decisions may have to go to vote as a group.  There was discussion regarding

        procedures the association would take, however, it is too soon to determine

        anything at this time.


        A resident is requesting a formal letter be drafted to the Postmaster General

        the 89521 zip code reflecting Reno when it should be the Highlands.   It is creating

        problems with freight.  The postmaster is resisting and says there must be a

        legitimate reason.  It was suggested that we place the issue on the website for

        response.  The Board will place the issue on the April agenda for further discussion.         



V.    Comments by Association Members (NRS 116.3108(3))

            None to report



VI.   Committee Reports

A.    Architectural Committee

One set of house plans was reviewed and approved.  It has been slow since the

 market downturn.


B.    Road Report

Maintenance has been completed on all the equipment but the front loader is using a lot of ether and needs to be checked again.  All replaced culverts have been disposed of except the one on Hermit and Sazarac.  Grading took place on Empire, Hermit and Saddleback.  Bob Moore met with the Firesafe Council and it was indicated that the Highlands are one of the worst areas in the state for fire danger.  Work needs to be done to minimize the danger and they would like to use the proposed fire break along Sazarac as a model.  Property owners will need to approve the project .


Bob and crew spend a lot of time sanding and plowing Cartwright the past month.  One night it took Bob seven hours to plow all the one acre roads twice.  He was able to dispose of 110 gallons of the old used oil in the equipment yard.  There are about 300 gallons left.  The water truck has been repaired at a cost of about $2,000.  The cracked windshield was also replaced along with a battery.  Road base will start to be put down in April, weather permitting.  Bob did an inventory on street signs.  Out of 105, 37 need repaired or replaced due to wind and weather damage.  Bob has a contact and will get prices.



        C.   Documents

Keith sent out advisory forms regarding proposed changes to the CC & R’s and dues.  Of the people that responded, 60% were in favor of setting the dues based upon the annual budget in an amount to cover it.  He received about 150 responses total.  To approve amending the CC & R’s it takes a vote of 51% of the property owners.  A proposed ballot was drafted and our attorney reviewed it.  He agreed with the dues amendment issue but because of the NRS 116 specific wording, any changes to the CC & R’s does require an absolute 51% of homeowners voting.  The documents committee meets this Thursday.   Ballots will be sent via mail and the election will be held open until November to try to get as many votes in as possible.  There will be 1,169 ballots mailed, one for each lot.


                No Park Report this meeting.


VII.          Old Business

The firebreak project on Sazarac will begin in April and notices will be mailed to the property owners.


      VIII.    New Business

A.    Any Other Matters Which The Board Members Wish To Discuss

None to report


IX.            Executive session to discuss possible violation of CCR’s

None to report


X.     Adjourn

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Mary Tallent-Stewart