Virginia City Highlands Property Owners Association

Minutes – Monthly Meeting, Tuesday April 10, 2007

Virginia City Highlands Fire Station Training Room – 7:00 p.m.


Present:          Mike Lupo, Rita Lumos, Mary Tallent-Stewart

Absent:           Debra Gravenstein, Bill Lewis


I.         Call to order, declaration of a quorum and approval of meeting agenda

President Lumos called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. and declared that a                  quorum was present.

II.       Approval of minutes of March 13, 2007

Minutes reviewed and motion made by Mike Lupo with a second by Mary Tallent-Stewart to approve the minutes with one correction.  It was noted that the CordeVista developer’s name is Blake Smith and not Brent Smith.  Motion carries.

III.      Financial Statements (Discussion/Action)

A.    Monthly Cash Report

B.    Monthly Financial Statements

Mike Lupo reviewed the financial statements with the group.  There is $63,206 in checking, $127,987 in savings, receivables of $7,350 and expenses of $11,079.  Total cash is on the books is approximately $200,000.  The vehicle insurance premium is about $8,000 which is $1,000 higher than expected due to association road coverage.  This was not included on the April expense report.  Mary Tallent-Stewart made a motion to accept the financials as submitted with a second by Rita Lumos.  Motion carries.

IV.       Public Comments

            None to report

V.        Comments by Association Members (NRS 116.3108(3))

            Comissioner Bob Kershaw joined the group and has a map of the proposed

            Cordevista site.  It is approximately 900 acres on Devils Flat and will be a

            proposed 3 homes per acre development.  There will be a meeting in the Washoe

            County chambers on April 12 and we are hoping that Washoe and Storey County

            officials will communicate on this issue.  Feedback from prior town hall meeting

            was negative regarding the project.  Residents are concerned about the water

            table and access to the site from the Highlands.  The Commissioners will be at

            the meeting April 12th and report back to the Board here at the next meeting.

            Bob also mentioned that due to the number of wells being redrilled in this area

            building permits may have to be limited in the near future.  The County

            maintenance of Cartwright Road is next on the Commissioner’s agenda along

            with researching the Lousetown Road ownership issue. 

VI.       A.  Architectural Committee

                  Rita Lumos stated that there have been two sets of plans submitted for

                  residences, one for an addition and one for an outbuilding.  All have been

                  approved and fees have been paid.


            B.  Road Report

                  Bob Moore has been working to transfer the old oil in the equipment yard to

                  the railroad.  The water truck has been repaired and the sprayers tested,

working well.  The water pump did go out and had to be repaired.  Now the                                                                                                         truck is back in the shop as the front differential is out. Repairs are estimated at $2500 plus tow charges.  It was agreed to fix the truck because a new one is expensive.  Grading has commenced and ditches are being cleaned and culverts put in, 19 so far.  He purchased a CB radio for the truck for  communications.  Cartwright was plowed on March 27th after a sudden bad

                  storm.  The road was a sheet of ice and many cars were in the ditches.  Bob

                  and a resident on Cartwright did a fine job of pulling out the cars and

                  setting things back in order.  Currently Empire is being graded, the will go on

                  to Pandhandle and Clemons.  Bob received a complaint about the condition of

                  Dortort but that road is still in pretty good shape.  He would like to do half of

                  Empire, then do Panhandle and Clemons and then finish Empire depending

                  on how much material is left.  A resident on Mustang asked about grading on

                  the corner of Mustang and Sazarac.  A resident on Sazarac wanted to know

                  about the giant culvert placed on Sazarac and is concerned about unstemmed

                  water flow that could possibly wash out Sazarac.  Rita and Eric will discuss

                   and see what the County has to say.  Rita said there will be a gravel road

                  maintenance workshop on 4/16 for $50 and one on dust control on 4/17 and

                  would like Bob to go.  Mike Lupo made a motion to approve the workshop

                  expense with a second by Mary Tallent-Stewart.  Motion carries.


            C.  Document Report

                   Keith is down to one issue on the CC & R’s - how to set annual dues.  The

                   choices are to have the Board prepare the annual budget and set the dues in

                   an amount to cover it or to have dues remain at $50 per lot per year and

                   levy special assessments as funds are needed.  Ballots will be sent out this

                   month along with a nomination sheet for three positions coming up for

                   election.  In lieu of sending in a paper ballot, voters can use the internet.

                   ballots will have a control number to prevent double voting.  Our attorney

                   was consulted to make sure that this was not considered secret balloting.


No Park Report this meeting


VII.         Old Business

A.    A letter was mailed to residents on Sazarac regarding the shaded fuel break project with Firesafe Highlands. Approximately 50 Certified letters were mailed and 25-30 responses were received.  A representative of the Nevada Division of Forestry was on hand to show an example of thinning out growth and what the fuel break would entail.  They would like 150 feet clearance from the road back which is the prescribed distance removing unnecessary fuels.  It will create a park like effect.  It is needed because Sazarac is a primary alternate route to get in and out of the Highlands and evacuation is a major concern.  Sierra Pacific Power will help with the cost and property owners can keep the firewood.  Brush and ditches will also be cleared and the power company will remove what they cut.  The fire station is manned with two people at all times and the NDF seasonal crew is coming on.  There will also be 12 reservists brought on by Storey County.  The water tanks are being revamped.  There are many dead trees to be cleared in the area and a County ordinance allows the fire department to clear them.

B.    Last meeting there was a motion for request to Storey County for maintenance of Cartwright Road.  A letter was sent to the County Commission and it appears nothing can be finalized until the next fiscal year which begins in July.


    VIII.     New Business

A.    Ballots will be going out with vote on dues, call for nominations and a

newsletter regarding the CC & R’s, road maintenance and information

regarding the ballot.


B.    Rita Lumos had a meeting with the school district as they

own the property just east of the fire station where the slash pile and

equipment yard are located concerning maintenance of the area.  Pat

Whitten will look into insurance with the county.  Fencing the slash pile

was discussed as well as a formal lease agreement including the 10 acre

Association, the 1 acre association and the school district as well as

possible consolidation with the 10’s in their equipment yard.  It was also

discussed regarding the County taking over the slash pile.  Pat will talk to the City Attorney about this possibility.  A $30 stump fee was also discussed as being added to the architectural fees when builders chop down trees and have to haul the stumps to the slash pile.


Rita had a call from a resident working with Dean Heller’s office to change the zip code in the Highlands.  A representative from the postal service will be at the May meeting.  Keith Judson suggested it be added to the newsletter.  The current zip is associated with Washoe County and Reno.  Our mail delivery is privately contracted.  Vehicle and homeowner’s insurance could potentially be impacted as well.


Pat Whitten is working with the County for a tentative May 5-19 community cleanup.


Executive Session

A resident on Clemons is building a shed with no permit and it is too close to the road.  Rita will send a registered letter to the owner regarding the issue.


The headwall on Sazarac was hit by the grader.  Bob Moore will file a report on the incident.  A claim can be filed but the owner wants to trade funds to repair the cracked headwall for the association covering the cost of the water storage tank that needs to be installed there.  The County is requiring that he put in the tank regardless.  He will be required to file a claim and turn it in to the insurance company.


It was discussed that on the corner of Delta and Cartwright, the residents on either side have issues with vehicles for sale in the yard and a large amount of construction trash. 



     VIV:    Adjourn 8:50 p.m.


Respectfully submitted





Mary Tallent-Stewart