Virginia City Highlands Property Owners Association

Minutes – Monthly Meeting, Tuesday May 8, 2007

Virginia City Highlands Fire Station Training Room – 7:00 p.m.


Present:          Mike Lupo, Rita Lumos, Mary Tallent-Stewart, Bill Lewis

Absent:           Debra Gravenstein


I.         Call to order, declaration of a quorum and approval of meeting agenda

President Lumos called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. and declared that a                  quorum was present.

II.       Approval of minutes of April 10, 2007

Minutes reviewed and motion made by Mike Lupo with a second by Bill Lewis with one correction. It was noted that Rita Lumos had already had a meeting with the school district regarding the property and slash pile at the fire station and was not planning to have a meeting.

III.      Financial Statements (Discussion/Action)

A.    Monthly Cash Report

B.    Monthly Financial Statements

Mike Lupo reviewed the financial statements with the group.  There is $52,172 in checking, $129,440 in savings.  Total cash is on the books is approximately $186,341.  Bill Lewis made a motion to accept the financials as submitted with a second by Mike Lupo.  Motion carries.

IV.       Public Comments

            Commissioner Kershaw addressed the group regarding Cordevista.  The feedback

            he is receiving from County residents is negative and heated.  The Planning

            Board is the recommending board.  Mike asked if this was an “all or nothing”

            proposition.  Keith asked if a possible moratorium could be placed to allow for

            a feasibility study.  Bob Kershaw is checking with legal counsel to see what the

            County can do to get a comphrensive plan.  Pat Whitten said we must go very

            slowly with this issue to make sure its done properly.  Water is a very big issue.

            disecting Storey County via a road through it to Interstate 80 was discussed.

            although it is a possibility, it will not happen soon.  Another concern of residents

            is the possibility of potential developments to the west of Cordevista.  Pat

            Whitten discussed the planning process, potential growth and the impact.

            the County is still in the process of putting together the agreement for

            maintenance of Cartwright Road

V.        Comments by Association Members (NRS 116.3108(3))

            None to report


VI.       Reports

            A.  Architectural Committee

                  Two sets of plans were submitted for review with a variance issued on one.

                  Lewis has stepped down as Architectural Chairman, however, he will continue

                  as an advisor.  Walter Fox  is coming on as the new Chairman.


            B.  Road Report

                  Last month the water truck’s water pump was repaired long with the rear end

                  and drive shaft.  A temporary truck driver has been hired.   The road project

                  was started April 2nd on Sazarac with 1 ½”  rock which was too large so was

                  mixed with ¾” road base.  Empire, Clemons and Panhandle are finished and

                  the cost came in a little under budget.  There were questions about widening

                  Sazarac but it is not feasible due to budget constraints.  Rita handed out

                  a road plan work analysis.  Total budget is $111,450, actual spent was

                  $99,557, $15,893 under budget.  There was additional work constructing

                  cul-de-sacs on Calaveras and Pinenut.  The total savings was $12,393.  The

                  Road Plan is a 5-year plan but may be accomplished in less time.  Mike Lupo

                  made a motion to continue the projected 2007-2008 road plan work as

                  evidenced on the map provided by Rita which includes improvements to

                  Bonanza, Calaveras, Dortort, Delta and Crestview.  This is 3.38 miles plus

                  culvert replacement and ditch repair.  A second was made by Mary Tallent-

                  Stewart.  Bill Lewis was opposed.  Motion carries.



            C.  Document Report

                   Keith stated that the ballots have been mailed.  254 responses have been

                   received with 176 yes and 78 no which represents 30% of the votes needed.

                   We need 409 more yes votes.  It was suggested that something be mentioned

                   at the annual meeting to remind folks to vote.  93 votes were sent e-mail.


No Park Report this meeting


VII.         Old Business

A.    Fire Station lease – discussion shelved until June meeting.

B.    Spring Clean Up – There will be a dumpster at the firehouse 5/9-5/19 but no household or yard waste will be accepted.

C.    Firesafe Highlands – work has been done on the shaded fuel break on Sazarac.  It looks good.  There is piled firewood from the cutting for people to take all along Sazarac.  It was discussed that wood stumps are a problem in the slash pile.  They cannot be cut up by the chipper.  Mike Lupo made a motion that when people submit plans that they be advised that they cannot dump stumps from clearing their building site into the slash pile.  A second was made by Bill Lewis.  Motion carries.


    VIII.      New Business


      A.  A letter from resident John Schmoker was sent to the State of Nevada

            and a representative, Katie Pace met with the group along with

            representatives of the U.S. Postal Service, Dee Dee Terrano – Consumer

            Affairs officer, Donna Bowerman and Bette Thomas.  The issue is Zip

            Code concerns.  Dee Dee solicited residents comments and concerns.

            Overnight delivery seems to be a problem, do not use a P.O. Box.  One

            solution is that the person sending the item can waive the signature and

             the carrier can then deliver it.  Parcel lockers can sometimes be used.

             Dee Dee will check into this.  Mr. Schmoker had an important delivery

             requiring a signature put into the box which was lost.  The rural

             carrier admitted not remembering which box they had put the key in.

             Mail has also been placed into the incorrect boxes.  The postal reps

             stated there is no excuse for sloppy delivery.  Dee Dee gave the group

             Bette’s number 702-361-9230 for future complaints and issues.  Mail

             that also has the same street name but different zips is a problem. 

             Another issue brought up is that insurance companies have to be

             convinced that the Highlands is in Storey County and not Washoe so our

             residents can receive lower rates.  Dee Dee explained the zip code

             system and how it came about and the 5-digit plus 4 numbering system

             and how it got started and its use.  Several residents suggested using the

             VC 89440 zip.  Pat Whitten discussed routing issues.  Technically it

              centers around the dense geographical area which is Reno.  VC

              Highlands is considered a “vanity name” and was approved as such only.

              Another resident asked if it was possible to annex the 89440 VC zip and

              then have the rural carrier deliver to the Highlands.  Zip codes are not

              zoned by county lines.  Density is the criteria when issuing a code.

              Pat Whitten and Commissioner Kershaw will check into boundary

              expansion to include the Highlands.


        B.  Annual meeting

              1. Annual meeting will be Saturday July 14, 2007 at the Fire House.

                  A motion was made by Bill Lewis with a second by Mary Tallent-

                  Stewart on the date. Carries. Mike Lupo suggested a pancake breakfast

                  and ask the fire department and sheriff’s department to get involved.

              2. Budget 2007-2008 – Rita went over the proposed budget.  Total

                   income is $196,000, administrative expense $30,907, road expense

                   $144,350, other expense $3,800 totaling $179,057.  Ending cash

                   balance would be $222,943.  State law requires a reserve study every

                   three years.  The state does not have a registered individual to do it.

                   Funds have to be paid up front and we do not have enough.  The CPA

                   recommended that we be out of compliance by doing a study

                   performed by an unregistered person.  A motion was made to approve

                   the 2007-2008 budget by Mary Tallent-Stewart with a second by

                   Bill Lewis.  Motion carries.

               3. Items for the newsletter, annual mailing and agenda were discussed.

                   Keith suggested contacting VRPA to see if they want to attend. 

                   There was also discussion regarding the 7/1/07 switch to Quick Books

                   and the separation of Reserve and Operating funds.  The newsletter

                   needs to be ready the first week of June.


Recess @ 9:15 to Executive Session



Executive Session

The prior issue with the resident with the shed too close to the road will be resolved.  They explained that the shed is temporary and there is no one to move it until September.  They will come to the Architectural Committee to get the appropriate permit until it can be moved.



VIV.  Adjourn 8:50 p.m.


Respectfully submitted





Mary Tallent-Stewart