Virginia City Highlands Property Owners Association

Minutes – Monthly Meeting, Tuesday June 12, 2007

Virginia City Highlands Fire Station Training Room – 7:00 p.m.


Present:  Bill Lewis,  Mary Tallent-Stewart, Mike Lupo, Rita Lumos, Debra Gravenstein


I.    Call to order, declaration of a quorum and approval of meeting agenda

President Rita Lumos called the meeting to order at 7:04 and declared a quorum             present.


II.   Approve minutes of the May 8, 2007 meeting

Minutes reviewed and motion made by Vice President Bill Lewis to approve the minutes with a second by Mary Tallent-Stewart.  Motion carries.


III.  Financial Statements (Discussion/Action)

A.    Monthly Cash Report

B.    Monthly Financial Statements

Vice President Lupo discussed the May reports.  There is $9,800 in checking, $111,000 in savings.  We are in line with the current budget figures.  A motion was made by Mike Lupo to approve the financial statements with a second from Bill Lewis.  Motion carries


IV.  Public Comments

            None to report


V.    Comments by Association Members (NRS 116.3108(3))

            There were several comments by members regarding conserving water and the

            fact that there are a few homes that have grass as landscaping.  Bill Lewis

            said that there is nothing in the architectural guidelines and CC & R’s that states

            that homeowners cannot have grass.  This will be brought up at the annual

            meeting however as a caution regarding water usage.  Keith Judson received his

            newsletter and complimented webmaster Jim Poston’s efforts and fine job in

            putting it together.


            Another resident is concerned that there are several construction signs on

            building sites on Cartwright Road that are larger than the Architectural guidelines

            allow for.  Rita Lumos will address this with the contractors involved.


            Another resident voiced his concern that developer Blake Smith (Cordevista)

            calls his Limited Liability Company “Virginia Highlands LLC” and that there

            may be a conflict with the name and association with our community.  Rita will

            contact our attorney and get an opinion as to this issue and report at the next




VI.   Committee Reports

A.    Architectural Committee

One set of plans was reviewed with contingency that the roof pitch be amended.   One roof change was reviewed along with one permanent shed and one temporary shed application.


B.    Road Report

In May the water truck was rented out to the 10-acre Association.  The drive shaft broke and was repaired. Sazarac, Clemons, Empire and Panhandle were re-graded.


        C.   Documents

      Keith Judson indicated that there are 256 yes votes in and 104 no votes

      regarding the way in which dues are set.  If anyone needs replacement ballots

      please call Lydia Hammack at 847-7000.


                No Park Report this meeting.


VII.          Old Business

A.    Fire Station Lease

Rita, Gary Hames and Keith Judson reivewed the lease.  Mary Tallent

Stewart suggested that it also be reviewed by the attorney.  Rita will have

him review it and try to have an opinion back prior to the annual meeting.

Storey County is interested in purchasing this property and the lease

doesn’t expire until 2015.  If the purchase actually was made it would

save the association taxes and insurance.

B.    Firesafe Highlands

Nothing to report


      VIII.    New Business

A.    Any Other Matters Which The Board Members Wish To Discuss

There was a group of homeowners present at the meeting that were concerned about adherence to the Road Plan.  Karlyn McPartlin was especially concerned that the prior minutes did not reflect true condition of the roads and road plan activity.  She feels that the Road Plan document has not been followed and that it was clearly written to begin with.  Rock has been added that is too big where rock was not called for at all.  President Rita Lumos explained that the one acre association went in with the ten acre association to purchse that material on the recommendation of a qualified engineer who is also a contractor in rural northern Nevada.  Another resident who lives on Empire also complained that the rock was to large and was laid on dry dirt.  Discussion insued regarding alleged road plan deviation, mostly regarding laying of gravel where it was not called for.  Ms. McPartlin stated that in the February Board meeting use of the 1 ˝ inch rock was voted on in an executive session.  Rita explained that no, it was only discussed as an aside and nothing was voted on in that session.  Gabriel Venegas had previously e-mailed Rita regarding the size of the rock and the quality of work being done.(This meeting was last September, months prior to the rock issue).  He said that he was told the President had authorized the work to be done.  He feels that the roads were not prepped to handle the gravel.  Gabriel indicated that roads should have been ripped with the grader to see how much base there was and then rolled with the roller instead of just adding material on top. According to the plan he says gravel was to only be site specific and that Sazarac, Empire and Dortort didn’t need any gravel.  He sites several e-mails to Rita and says that no one contacted him for consultation. Because of the gravel being laid on top of the roads washboarding has occurred, especially on the steep area of Empire and several residents are concerned about travel in the winter because of the condition.  Dust is bad and the roads are not “crowned”.  Gabriel stated that he felt they would not pass any type of inspection.  The question was raised about the cost for regrading and rerolling the roads that have been done in Phase 1 of the plan.  People feel that they are not getting the service for the special assessment that was levied them.  Rita stated that the cost for Phase 1 came in a little under budget.  Working with the ten acre association helped.


A resident on Calaveras said that their road has new rock on part of it and that the old rock on the rest of it is better.  This part of Calaveras is in the Highland Ranches Association area.


Funds spent under the budget for the initial work totaled 80% and additional work brought it up to 95% spent for Phase 1.  Rita reminded the group that the Road Plan was voted on at last year’s annual meeting as a year to year plan then there was a large petition by homeowners who were concerned that their roads would never be finished so the Board voted to continue the Road Plan in all three phases so everyone would be assured their roads would be worked on.  No professional engineer had signed off on the Road Plan as the cost would have been approximately $15,000.  Rita had e-mailed past president Wooley to ask if it was ever intended for a professional construction company to do the road work and was told no, that it would be cost prohibitive.  There was also nothing put into the budget for quality control.  Rita had contacted Marty Crew at Stantec Consulting regarding the quality control issue and was quoted an amount of approximately $15,000 ($5,000 per week) for professional inspection, $2,500 per day for construction, $80 per hour for equipment.  Debbie Gravenstein stated that Richard Wooley had said that the water truck would not put down enough moisture on the road for the grader to do it’s job and washboarding would result.  It was mentioned that perhaps folks should vote whether or not they want gravel put on their road.


Vice President Bill Lewis addressed the group and encouraged people to talk to the Board on a consistent basis when they have concerns to avoid conflicts and that they should come to the monthly meetings instead of airing their grievances on the internet “chat room”.  Gabriel Venegas wants his e-mails to the Board put into the minutes as a record.  He did not charge for his services but wants to step out of the picture because he feels the Board has not listened to him on this issue.  He says that he will vote no on the next assessment because he feels that the road plan was not adhered to.  President Lumos stated that there was no intention on the part of the Board to subvert from the road plan at all.  There are other factors that have made the condition of the roads less than desirable.  Traffic has increased dramatically and even though we had moisture this winter, March was very warm and depleted the moisture from the ground rapidly.  It was discussed to concentrate on the worst areas and not lay down any more gravel until its seen what the base actually is.


It was noted that the Road Plan budgets $78,000 for gravel and calls for 4 inches of gravel, however, Gabriel insists that the gravel was meant to be site specific only and that the plan was a draft that was not finished.


It was also noted that there is no road “contract” so the budget could be used between reworking Phase 1 and continuance of Phase 2 next year.


On a last note, the Lousetown Road ownership saga continues.  Commissioner Kershaw says that NDOT has washed their hands of it and Storey County says they are unsure of ownership; more research is needed.   


IX.            Executive session to discuss possible violation of CCR’s

None to report


X.     Adjourn

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:02 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Mary Tallent-Stewart