Virginia City Highlands Property Owners Association

Minutes – Monthly Meeting, Tuesday November 13, 2007

Virginia City Highlands Fire Station Training Room – 7:00 p.m.


Present:          Mary Tallent-Stewart, Bill Lewis, Rita Lumos, Steve Morrow

Absent:           Mike Lupo


I.         Call to order, declaration of a quorum and approval of meeting agenda

President Lumos called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and declared that a                  quorum was present.

II.       Approval of minutes of October 9, 2007 meeting

Minutes reviewed for the meeting and motion made by Bill Lewis to approve with second by Steve Morrow.  Motion carries.

III.      Financial Statements (Discussion/Action)

A.    Monthly Cash Report

B.    Monthly Financial Statements

Rita reviewed the financial statements with the attendees  $109,045  in total expenditures to date which is about $24,000 over budget.  Cash balance is $91,598.23 with approximately $47,000 in Reserve.  Dues billings were mailed last month.  A motion was made by Bill Lewis with a second by Mary Tallent-Stewart.   Motion carries.

IV.       Comments by Association Members (NRS 116.3108(3))

            Karlyn McPartlin inquired if anything has been done by the Association regarding

            the illegal size signage over various parts of the Highlands.  Rita stated that she

            has sent out certified letters to those that have had complaints previously.  She

            has yet to send a letter out on the large banner sign.  It was noted also that the

            minutes from September 2007 need to be submitted to the website for posting.

            Mary Tallent-Stewart will send them to the webmaster asap.  Karlyn also stated

            that financials from various periods are missing from the website.  Rita has

            asked Dave Thomas to send the missing information.  Karlyn had asked

            the Association bookkeeper Lydia Hammack to review information regarding

            bills/invoices and met with Lydia at 6:15 the night of the last 10-acre meeting.

            Lydia had copies the information for her.  Karlyn indicated that Lydia had

            raised her voice to her about having to provide receipts to her.  Rita stated

            that she was copied on all e-mails and Karlyn told her she would pay Lydia’s

            hourly rate for the service.  Karlyn asked Lydia to provide the records and

            also asked that she be reminded that she had a right to review them.


V.        Reports

            A.  Architectural Committee

                  This month a fence, detached garage, permit for a retaining wall, garage

                  addition and cedar rail fence were all approved.  There were no CC&R



            B.  Documents

                  Keith Judson had the results for the dues amendment vote.  There were 590

                  Yes votes and 150 No votes were received so the vote was approved on

                  on a margin of 5 votes.  80% of the people voting voted yes.  60% of

                   possible voters participated which is the highest total of voters ever.

                   The actual cost was $1,034 and the Board had approved up to $1,500.

                   Keith mailed out the third follow-up himself for a total of $131.07 and

                   if the Board wants to reimburse him that would be great, if not, that’s ok

                   too.  A motion to reimburse Keith was made by Bill Lewis with a second

                   by Steve Morrow.  Motion carries.  Keith asked approval from the Board

                   to post the results on the website and chat board.  Approved



            C.  Road Report

                   Road Manager Bob Moore reported that road work in October was minimal.

                   Empire to Morgan was graded and a culvert on Sazarac and Hermit was

                   replaced.  Bob met with Gary Hames and the fire marshall regarding the

                   front loader and their water truck.  Their drivers are insured.  If we need

                   equipment we can borrow it from the County and it would be reciprocal

                   with the Association.  A traffic count was discussed.  The County uses

                    them but will not rent or loan out the counters.  Bob spoke with Al Drake

                    regarding the value of our water truck.  Al spoke with some individuals

                    knowledgable in this area.  Karlyn McPartlin said she had researched an

                    auction site and the same year truck was selling starting at $12,000.  Jim

                    Poston distributed information regarding the traffic count.  Jim said that

                    using them on our gravel roads would destroy them.  There is an optional

                    heavy duty type for about $200.  Discussion ensued regarding road tubes

                    properly placed for traffic, speed and classifications on cars vs trucks.

                    roads would be ranked for maintenance based on volumn.  Different types

                    of counters and prices were explained by Jim.  He may be able to get one

                    or more.  Ray McPartlin stated that this type of count could be a waste of

                     time and funds, however, Steve Morrow believes that it does matter

                     because data is needed to see if more technology is required in some areas

                     to repair and maintain certain roads.  Steve said the Road Plan needs a

                     maintenance component to it.  Traffic counting is just one way to discern

                     problem areas.  Rita indicated that the past maintenance records were

                     carried with each road manager so there are virtually none to be had.  Jim

                     Poston would volunteer for the traffic count.  Steve Morrow will get a

                     handle on the road material and have testing done.  It was noted that the

                     material on Sazarac Road can be worked with and the Road Committee

                     will meet to formulate specifications for that.  There will be no major

                     work done now until spring.  More Road Committee meetings will take

                      place prior to the work commencing.



      No Park Report this meeting



VI.           Old Business

A.    Water Truck Repair – Two bids were received from independent companies to rebuild the truck.  Silver State International gave a quote of $33,839 in parts and $23,151 in labor.  Truck Parts and Equipment came in at $24,134.64.  $17,000 was received from the insurance company.  An Association resident, Doug Fontana has thirty-five years experience in this industry and came up with a plan to repair the truck.  He explained the repairs to be made and gave a quote of $12,000 with approximately 6 weeks to complete the job.  Bill Lewis was concerned about a guarantee on the work and Rita Lumos suggested that a bond be posted by Doug.  He doesn’t have a problem with that.  The brakes are in good condition.  The jake brake apparently wasn’t used prior to the accident when going down Sazarac.  Even though the truck was acquired in the mid 1990’s, Doug says it is in excellent condition.  Bill Lewis stated that it is not cost effective to rent a water truck for our road repairs and maintenance and is in favor of having Doug repair it.  Steve Morrow agreed.  It will have to pass inspection anyway prior to being registered roadworthy.  A contract will be written for the repairs.  A motion was made by Bill Lewis with a second by Steve Morrow.  Motion carries.

B.    Fire Station House Lease –

The furnace has been serviced, some rewiring has been done, baseboards installed and new wall board.  The garbage has been taken away and a water purficiation installed, all at the County’s expense.  The Lease Agreement is finalized and extends to 6/16/2015.  The County will be reimbursing the Association for the property taxes and they will maintain the insurance on the property.  The lease amount if $2,000 per year.  This will help the community will around the clock personnel to assist in various ways.  Bill Lewis made a motion to approve the Lease with a second by Mary Tallent-Stewart.  Motion carries.

C.    Reserve Study –

The individual hired by the 10-acre association to do their reserve study was supposed to be licensed and was not.  There are no licensed people at this time in the State of Nevada and no regulations in place.  Since we cannot comply with this requirement, Dave Thomas can do a 5-year financial plan for the interim as a stop-gap measure.  Rita will speak with him regarding this.  Steve Morrow suggested looking on the web for a canned version as a sample and Rita has contacted the Ombudsman’s office with no response so this will be tabled until December’s meeting.

D.    Annual Road Closure –

Bill Lewis counted 600-700 cars on Cartwright that day.  98% of the people polled who lived here were happy this was being done.


    VII.       New Business

None to report



VIII.        Any Other Matters which the Board Members Wish to Discuss

                   None to report – Adjourn to Executive Session on motion from VP Lewis

                   with a second from VP Morrow.




IX.            Executive Session

                  A resident couple on Adobe Road who built a new home has put up a white

                  vinyl fence.  Under the architectural guidelines vinyl is acceptable but the

                  color is not.  The couple indicated that they would be willing to pay a fine 

                  and that they did not realize that they needed to obtain prior approval before

                  erecting the fence.  Bill Lewis explained that the homeowners had voted

                  several years prior against white fencing and that older residences that had

                  white fences were “grandfathered” in.  If the Board approved the white

                  fence we would be going against what the property owners had previously

                  voted against and a precident would be set for others to do the same. 

                  it was suggested that the fence be painted but the property owners were

                  concerned that no paint would stick to the vinyl. 11/13/07 – Situation

                  discussed with owners and Board regarding CC & R rules and grand-

                  fathering of old fences and issues etc.  Homeowners will research

                  painting options and prepare to paint fence next year.


                  A certified letter was sent to a resident on Adobe regarding construction

                  debris.  As there had been nothing done regarding the situation a $200 fine

                  was levied and paid by the owner.  The debris has been cleaned out.



X.   Adjourn 9:02 p.m.


       Respectfully submitted





      Mary Tallent-Stewart