Virginia City Highlands Property Owners’ Association

Minutes – Tuesday January 13, 2009

Virginia City Highlands Fire Station Training Room


Present:  Biederman, Morrow, Robbins, Tallent-Stewart, and Lumos

Absent:  None

I.       Call To Order, Declaration of a Quorum and Approval of Meeting Agenda

President Biederman called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm. and declared a quorum present.

II.     Approve Minutes of the November 11, 2008 Meeting

A motion by Tallent-Stewart, seconded by Robbins to approve the minutes of the November 11, 2008 meeting as submitted was approved unanimously.

III.    Financial Statements

A.     Review Financial Statements

Since there was no meeting in December, Mary Tallent-Stewart reviewed the reports for November and December. 

Expenses for November were $5,719.68, which included $1,031.25 administrative expense, $3,079 Directors and Officers Insurance, and $1,609.43 for road maintenance.  Income for the month was $28,697.   The ending cash balance for November was $133,416.89.

Expenses for November were $4,836.96, which included $193.38 administrative expense and $4836.96 for road maintenance and snow plowing.  Income for the month was $29,851.74.  The ending cash balance as of Dec. 31 was $158,431.67.  Total assets including property, equipment, and cash are $443,943.

Expected January expenses are $4,500.

A motion by Lumos, seconded by Morrow to accept the financial statements was approved unanimously.

IV.   Comments by Association Members (NRS 116.3108(3))

Karlyn McPartlin reported that she had talked to Commissioner Flanagan about improvements to the park.  Some of the park fund has been spent on equipment for the upper portion of the park.  Commissioner Flanagan believes there is about $58,000 remaining in the fund.  McPartlin has talked to the building department and believes Storey County will provide all the labor and the fund will pay for materials for future improvements. 

McPartlin stated that the well creates a bit of a problem in regards to fencing the park to keep recreational vehicles out.  The well area will have to remain outside the fence. 

The electrical system and lights have been vandalized and need to be replaced.  Bill Lewis reminded the board that an electrician in VC has done a work for the association recently for very reasonable prices.

Steve Morrow asked whether it would be the Public Works Department or the Building Department doing the work.  McPartlin stated that it would be the Public Works Department.

She said that the association will have to ask the County Commission for the funds.  It was pointed out that the park is county owned and that the park impact fund is a county fund, so they will have to do the purchasing of materials and equipment.

V.     Committee Reports

A.     Architectural Committee

Bill Lewis reported that there were no applicants at either the December or January meetings so no official meetings were held.  There are currently two openings on the committee.  Walter Fox had to retire due to pressing business concerns.  One position has been open for two years.  Bill Lewis is the current chairman.

B.     Road Report

In November grading was done on Sazarac, Dortort, Delta, Goodman, Sutro, Colt, Applegate, Bonanza, Clemens, and Nugget.  New snow blades have been installed on both plow trucks and a block heater on the grader.  The blades were about four years old and worn.

In December a road meeting was held and Ray Nevins spoke about various treatments that can be used on the roads, including lignin.  Most of the roads Nevins talked about treating in other areas were fairly flat.  It was suggested that he be asked to look at our roads to assess feasibility and provide an estimate.  The association water truck could be used if the process is deemed feasible.  The material suggested is supposed to be very environmentally safe, applied once a year, and long wearing.

The material is more expensive than mag. chloride.  Mr. Nevins is interested in putting in a test section to evaluate the use in our area.

Steve Morrow stated that there are other vendors who supply this material.  Before deciding on a vender the association will need to get proposals from others.  Karlyn asked if the issue would be brought to the owners at the annual meeting for approval.  If there is to be a new assessment it would be on the agenda for that meeting.

The Christmas snow storm required several hours of plowing on successive days.

Andy asked if plowing is easier where the roads are in better shape.  Bob replied that some of the roads have a lot of large rock at the surface and they have to be very careful in those areas. 

Andy stated that the mag. chloride treatment on Dortort is still working to keep the road level and smooth after storms.  Bob stated that the way they are plowing helps to retain the crown on the roads.

VI.   New Business

A.     Mail Theft

Lieutenant Antinoro of the Storey County Sheriff’s Department (SCSO) reported that four individuals have been incarcerated.  A mountain of mail was recovered.  Eventually people will be able to claim some of their lost mail.  When the people were arrested two counterfeit keys and some entry tools were recovered.

The postal service has been reluctant to change the locks.  He said that the postal service had been aware of the thefts since October.  Apparently most of the thefts occurred at night.  Some residences were also burglarized in the Highlands.

Thefts also occurred in Fernley and Washoe County.  The Highlands were the major target.  The SCSO is continuing to patrol the area.

Lumos said that it was abhorrent that no notice had been given to the owners when the post office had known of the thefts for several weeks, or even months.  The Lieutenant Antinoro reported that they had to work through the Senator Reid and Ensign’s offices to get the postal service to take notice of the problem.  The office that oversees this area is in Denver.  Any complaints should be lodged with that office.

It appears that the association will have to take steps to make the area more secure.  Lieutenant Antinoro suggested that the lighting be improved.  Security doors are a good idea, but he reminded us that locks only keep honest people honest.  A webcam would be valuable, but it would be necessary to have a security company involved that would monitor the camera in order for it to be effective.

Bill Lewis suggested that perhaps the mailboxes should be moved to the fire station area.  We should begin talks with the Tens to get everyone involved in a solution.

A motion by Robbins, seconded by Morrow to send a strongly worded letter to the postal service expressing our concerns and asking for a meeting to work on resolution of the issues was approved unanimously.

B.     VCHPOA Volunteers

Andy asked if it would be beneficial to appoint other committees to look at issues, such as safety, newcomers, and newsletter.  There has been a serious lack of interest in participation by owners in association matters.  No action was taken.

VII. Any Other Matters which the Board Members Wish to Discuss

Mary Tallent-Stewart stated that speeding on Cartwright has continued to be a serious problem.  There is an agreement with the County for traffic control so tickets can be issued.  Speed limits have been posted on all the roads in the one acre association.  Lieutenant Antinoro reported that scheduling has been revised and coverage is better, so more patrols will be made in the Highlands.

Tallent-Stewart also asked the Lieutenant Antinoro if he had any more information on the mountain lion attack.  He is aware of only one attack, and said that apparently it was a juvenile cat.  Some tracks were found for a larger cat, but it was not located.  He had no knowledge of an attack on dogs on Sazarac.

There were some questions about the response to the fire at the Blake house.  Andy will contact Chief Gary Hames to discuss the issues.

There has been a lot of discussion on the association chat board about the Ferrell gas cost agreement.  People apparently have not been given the reduced rate which was agreed upon some years ago.  The other gas companies are matching the low rate.  Andy stated that the competition has been good for owners in keeping the costs down.

VIII.          Executive Session to discuss possible violations of CC&R’s

No executive session was held since no new violations had been reported to the board.

IX.   Adjourn

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:50 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Rita M. Lumos, Secretary