Virginia City Highlands Property Owners’ Association

Minutes Monthly Meeting – Tuesday November 10, 2009

Virginia City Highlands Fire Station Training Room


Present: Tallent-Stewart, Morrow, Robbins, Flanagan

Absent:  Biederman

I.      Call To Order, Declaration of a Quorum and Approval of Meeting Agenda  

Steve Morrow called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm and declared a quorum present.

II.    Approve Minutes of the July 14, 2009 Regular Meeting  

A motion by Flanagan, seconded by Tallent-Stewart to approve the minutes of the October 13, 2009 meeting was approved unanimously.

III.   Financial Statements  

A.    Monthly Cash Report

B.    Monthly Financial Statements

Dave Thomas reviewed the financial statements.

Income for the month of October was $17,587 from dues, assessments, and transfer fees.  Expenses for October were $3,893 including administrative expenses and road improvements.  The ending cash balance as of October 31 was $119,321.  Total assets including property, equipment, and cash are $482,793.  Accounts receivable, due to unpaid dues and assessments, are $167,532.

Expected November expenses are $2,732.

A motion by Robbins, seconded by Flanagan, to accept the financial report as submitted was approved unanimously.

IV.  Comments by Association Members (NRS 116.3108(3))

Cecelia commented that speed bumps would help with the speeding issue.  Sherriff Miller stated that if you were to institute speed bumps, they need to place in straight away section and not curves. He stated people appear to be slowing down in the Highlands. 

Sherriff Miller talked about what is going on in the Highlands.  A  Neighborhood Watch program implementation is recommended as the economy continues to remain in its current status.  The Sherriff’s department stops vehicles with out of state plates.  He reminded that we should have the Highlands stickers.  He urged all attending to call in immediately and don’t hesitate if you see suspicious activity.  The Sherriff’s department will post the statistics on the VCHPOA website.

V.    Committee Reports

A.    Architectural Committee

 Bob Moore reported there was one property purchase.  Another set of plans was informally reviewed as a courtesy to the future homebuilder regarding plans on Mustang. No fees were collected.  






B.    Road Report  

Bob Moore reported a repair of culvert on Empire road.  A hole appeared in the culvert and was patched. 

Bob recommended a driveway be moved to stop ice from causing an accident.

Several culverts were cleaned out and prevented them from being replaced.  Watering of the roads was suspended temporarily due to a meter malfunction.  Two trees were removed off of Bonanza. 

A complaint was called in about material left in front of driveways.  Bob stated that without a culvert, the water has nowhere to go.

Steve Morrow brought up that at the last October road meeting, a culvert inventory is to be made.  Services are being investigated in how to fix culverts with homeowner’s assistance.   Steve also mentioned that using the Architectural guidelines, roads should not be damaged by contractors and/or homeowners. 


C.   Park Committee  

Karlyn McPartlin stated that the priority is not high due to seasonal activities.  She is going through financial records now.

VI.  Unfinished Business

A.    Annual Audit  

Dave Thomas presented the audit engagement letter.  An engagement letter was described as a standard format of what is to be done and conduct an audit.  The audit will be complete by December 1, 2009.  This does not include reconciliation/confirmation with Jay Hampton and Assoc.  The financial statement will be prepared on a “GAAP basis”.  The auditor asked if there had ever been a “defalcation” of items.  Pat exclaimed a missing meat slicer.  Dave Thomas answered no to the auditor.  Dave has turned over all requested documents to the auditor.  Pat asked about the interaction with the board.  Dave answered that the end of the audit, the auditor will contact appropriately. 


B.    Ombudsman program

Dave Thomas drafted a letter that was sent to the Ombudsman’s department about the current status of the association.  Pat Flanagan commented that he expects that it may go higher to the attorney general’s office for consideration. 


C.   Audio Recording of Meeting

Jed Margolin talked about the audio recording being posted on his website as a trial for secure access.  He stated that recordings should happen at a high quality.  Files should be recorded in MP3 format for future access.  Also, he recommended posting the recordings and restricting members of the association only.  Ray Robbins asked if this is something that the attorney should review.  The board will review if the recordings should be available via the VCHPOA website.  Jed believes that the meeting minutes should be available to the public.  Steve Morrow will contact Jim Poston about recording availability to association only and what that requires.





VII. New Business

A.    Door to Door Business Solicitation

Pat Flanagan voiced concern over homes being “cased” under the guise that they are selling something.  The entrance signs are peeling and written on them is “Private Property”.  Bob M will contact the 10 acre association about both associations replacing the signs.

B.    Attorney Contact

This discussion is to be tabled until the December meeting. 


VIII.        Any Other Matters which the Board Members Wish to Discuss

Pat Flanagan prepared a position paper to be reviewed by the members of the board.  Pat feels that it is critical to sell the fire station to the county. The last attempt to vote on the matter by the association failed due to low property owner response.  Pat Flanagan would like to see a form mailed for votes to clarify the purpose and conditions of the sale of the firehouse.    

IX.  Adjourn

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:54 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Ray Robbins

VCHPOA Secretary