Virginia City Highlands Property Owners’ Association

Minutes Monthly Meeting – Tuesday September 14, 2010

Virginia City Highlands Fire Station Training Room


Present: Tallent-Stewart, Robbins, Biederman, Flanagan, Morrow


I.      Call To Order, Declaration of a Quorum and Approval of Meeting Agenda  

Andy Biederman called the meeting to order at 7:18 pm and declared a quorum present.  A motion by Flanagan, seconded by Flanagan to approve the agenda for tonight’s meeting was approved unanimously.

II.    Approve Minutes of the July 24, 2010 Annual Meeting  

A motion by Stewart, seconded by Flanagan to approve the minutes of the July 24, 2010 meeting was approved unanimously.

III.   Financial Statements  

A.    Monthly Cash Report

Dave Thomas presented the financial statements.  The water truck is broken and will require the expenditure of about $1800.  September is budgeted for road reconstruction. 

Dave Thomas recommends a purchase of a roller is recommended at this time of the year for a well used, well maintained machine.  Pricing is at all time lows, around $55,000.  Insurance for the machinery is very minimal and already exists as an umbrella.  The modification of the reserve account would be a swap for the front end loader that is not being used.   

B.    Monthly Financial Statements

Dave Thomas reviewed the financial statements for July and August. 

Income for the month of July was $47.06 from dues, assessments, and transfer fees.  Expenses for July were including administrative expenses and road improvements were $27,559.  The ending cash balance of the operating account as of month end was $214,599.  Total assets including property, equipment, and cash are $229,442. Accounts receivable, due to unpaid dues and assessments, are $14,843. 

Income for the month of August was from dues, assessments, and transfer fees were $3,201.43.  Expenses for August were $13,549 including administrative expenses and road improvements.  The ending cash balance of the operating account as of month end was $204,251.  Total assets including property, equipment, and cash are $217,821. Accounts receivable, due to unpaid dues and assessments, are $13,570. 



IV.  Comments by Association Members (NRS 116.3108(3))

Dave Thomas mentioned that a level III reserve study needs to be completed.  The annual audit needs to be initiated with the accountants.


V.    Committee Reports

A.    Architectural Committee

Rita mentioned house painting of a few homes.  Three complaints were filed with the architectural committee. 

B.    Road Report  

The water truck required maintenance.  The clutch and brake pads were replaced in July.  A few tires were replaced on the water truck. A recent inspection revealed a crack in the frame.  The water truck will be inspected and approved by the Highway Patrol after repairs.

Enterprise and Dortort are to be stabilized/dust suppressed


C.   Park Committee  

The retaining wall is complete with new steps and French drain system.  The contractor went above and beyond what was required according to Karlyn McPartlin.  The fence will be installed before winter.  A three rail fence will be built.  A removable section for service to the park will be installed.  A Sani-Hut is currently maintained by the county and will not be covered in the future.  The graffiti is more than likely an outside group of kids vandalizing the area.  




VI.  Unfinished Business

A.    Ombudsman program

No update at this time. 

B.    Annual Audit

Pat Flanagan proposed a Board Procedures to be implemented in Response to CFO Audit.  A motion by Morrow and seconded by Flanagan to accept the motions. 


VII. New Business

A.    Firehouse

1.    Consideration of Motion to Move Eminent Domain

Thoughts of well usage and a mechanism is needed to be created to ensure certain items of community needs are overseen.  An appointment setup with the Pat Whitten with both Andy and Pat to discuss what is required to sell under this.  The amount of water being consumed by the Fire Department is a concern for training.  We would need to know what status would the property be then categorized and the applicable water and commercial usage if a future sale were to occur.     


B.    Election of Officers

The board appointed Tammy Sparkes and Stephanie Furdoc.

Pat Flanagan was nominated for Treasurer, Andy Biederman as President, Tammy Sparkes as Secretary, Stephanie Ferdock Vice President, Steve Morrow as Vice President.

A motion by Pat Flanagan and a Second by Tammy Sparkes to approve the nominations was unanimously approved.

C.   Other (Insurance)

Board of Directors and Workmans comp insurance is about to expire.  Wells Fargo purchased the company that we were working with.  Pat is working with Lydia submitting bids for insurance quotes. 

A motion by Morrow, seconded by Flanagan to extend D & O insurance was unanimously approved. 


VIII.        Any Other Matters which the Board Members Wish to Discuss

Mary Talent-Stewart would like to have a Highlands Trash Pick Up day in November. 

IX.          Adjourn

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:58 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Ray Robbins

VCHPOA Secretary