VirginiaCity Highlands Property Owners’ Association

MonthlyMeeting – Tuesday March 8, 2011

VirginiaCity Highlands Fire Station Training Room – 7:00 pm

 DraftMeeting Minutes

I.      Call To Order, Declaration of a Quorum and Approval ofMeeting Agenda (Discussion/Action)

Called to order at 7:00P, Quorum present.Andy, Steve and Pat present

Pat, move to approve agenda, Steve second,Agenda approved, none opposed.

II.     Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting

A.    February8, 2011 Regular Monthly Meeting (Discussion/Action)

February meeting minutes not available and moved to nextmeeting.

III.    Financial Statements (Discussion/Action), Pat gavefinancial report

A.   Monthly Cash Report

B.   Monthly FinancialStatements

Financial Statements attached

Steve, moved to approve financials, Pat second, Financialsapproved, none opposed

IV.   Comments by Association Members (NRS116.3108(3)) (DiscussionOnly)

Unless an emergency, no action may be taken upon a matter raisedunder this item of the agenda until the matter itself has been specificallyincluded on an agenda as an item upon which action may be taken.

Cynthia expressed concerns with ice forming on Cartwright. Discussion was had on how to deal with the ice by anticipating the upcomingstorms.

V.     Committee Reports

A.   Architectural Committee (Discussion/Action)

Fence on Grizzley, no fee

New house on Mustang, fee collected



B.   Road Report (Discussion/Action) –

Replace grader blades, Address some concerns on Adobe regarding anelderly resident that could not leave her driveway on her scooter.  Could notwork on sand cover due to weather.  Plowed snow several days.  Several repairsmade on the plow trucks.  Applied salt at mailboxes for the ice.  Purchasechains for plow truck #1, Recommended another coat of stain for the mailboxes. Culvert at Cartwright and adobe that is plugged.

C.   Park Committee  (Discussion/Action)

In progress, Karlyn working with the controller to locate themissing funds for the park.  According to Karlyn there could be upwards of$168K of funds that are due to the Highlands.  Karlyn is proposing a skate parkfor Pinyon Park.

VI.   UnfinishedBusiness

A.   Newly Designed Signs forEntrance (Discussion/Action)

Karlyn proposes a new sign forthe entrance of the highlands, The Board will look into it.

B.    AnnualAudit (Discussion/Action)

Pat discussed the details of the audit quotesthat were received.  We ended up saving a couple thousand dollars by utilizinga new firm to perform the audit.


C.    Update on Eminent Domain/Firehouse (Discussion/Action)


Steve and Pat met with theCounty officials to discuss the firehouse sale, the County will put together apath forward and prepare a draft memorandum of understanding (MOU) to benegotiated with the Highlands.  Fire department representative stated theimportance of training to be performed and that this is critical to maintainingthe firefighters skill and emergency response time.  Water usage will be amajor concern as the MOU is developed.


D.   Condition of Mailboxes/Painting and“Clean-Up” Day (Discussion/Action)


Sometime in the spring andsummer to paint mailboxes and establish a “clean up day” in May or June.


E.   Vehicle Stickers Supply (Update)


Vehicle stickers have been ordered.



VII.  New Business

A.    ProposedLanguage Changes to By-Laws and CC&R’s on Assessments (Discussion/Action)


Regardingchanging CC&R’s to allow for increasing the dues.  This will not be carriedforward unless additional information is brought in front of the Board.


B.    Any OtherMatters which the Board Members wish to Discuss(Discussion only)


C.   MaintenanceSchedule on Road Equipment/Road/Emergency Response (DiscussionOnly)


Discussedthe importance of equipment records.  Discussed implementing vehicle maintenancerecord keeping program.


Have ameeting with the County to readdress the MOU with the county to take care ofCartwright in the Highlands.


D.   AntennaHearing (Discussion Only)


Antennahearing at the firehouse.  There was much discussion and is in the county’shands.

VIII. Commentsby Association Members (Discussion Only)


IX.   Adjourn

Meeting adjourned1 hour 43 minutes

X.    Executive Session to discuss possibleviolations of CC&R’s (Discussion/Action)