VirginiaCity Highlands Property Owner’s Association

Minutesof the Monthly Meeting – Tuesday May 10, 2011

VirginiaCity Highlands Fire Station Training Room


Present: Flanagan, Biederman, Morrow,Tallent-Stewart

Absent:  Ferdock


I.             Call to Order, Declaration of a Quorum and Approval ofMeeting Agenda

Andy Biederman called themeeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and declared a quorum present.  Pat Flanagan madea motion to approve the agenda with a second by Steve Morrow.


Andy advised the group thatBoard Secretary Tammy Sparkes has resigned due to personal reasons and made amotion to appoint former Board member Mary Tallent-Stewart to be interimSecretary until Tammy’s term is up.  Motion seconded by Steve Morrow. 


II.           Approve Minutes of the April 12, 2011 Regular Meeting

Approval of the minutes forthe last several meetings has been postponed until they can be transcribed by aboard member.


III.          Financial Statements

Pat reviewed the cashsummary.  Beginning balance for the month was $272k and ended at $270K.  Cashreceipts for dues and special assessments have dropped off.  Expenses wereunder budget for the month.  Pat would like to see insurance costs separated inthe financials as to what is actually paid versus the budgeted amount.  At thistime of the year sometimes it seems we are over budged but aren’t because someroad work is done before July and some done after so it does not reflectaccurately.  There was discussion regarding the way the cash summary reflectsthe road expenses.  The Ombudsman’s fee was discussed and also the current billregarding this issue is in legislative session now.  A motion was made toapprove the financials by Pat Flanagan with a second by Mary Tallent-Stewart.


IV.         Comments by Association Members (NRS 116.3108(3))

A resident living at the endof Empire Road just past Agate stated that another culvert is plugged by hishome, creating bad drainage and that that section needs base material.  Part ofthe problem is coming from large trucks churning up the road.  Steve Morrow explainedthat fall is the best time to put bas material on just before the winterprecipitation comes.  The culvert is the homeowner’s responsibility but theroad crew could possibly assist and blow out the culverts if they becomeplugged.  A mailing to homeowners regarding this subject is being considered. 

The subject of an absenteeboard member was brought up by another resident and it was suggested that theindividual be replaced.


V.          Committee Reports:

A.    ArchitecturalCommittee

RitaLumos said they had one application for a small house on Hermit Road that is1200 sq ft.

B.    RoadReport

Bob Moore reported that inMarch Cartwright was very icy and the sand truck was called for.  The loaderhad a flat tire and plow truck #1 had to have the control unit replaced.  Therewere also electrical problems with the snowplows.  A new chain was put on thesander and its working now.  A metal roof was put over the sandpit to keep snowand rain off of the sand.  The mail boxes need to be restained or painted. There was a problem with the water truck brakes not releasing and that is beingaddressed.  There were also several plugged culverts that were fixed. Cal-Trans pre-op and post-op standard forms are now being used for theequipment inspections which creates a detailed log for ongoing maintenance. The form is 4-part with a copy to the Roads Manager, one to the mechanic, onestays with the vehicle and the final copy to the chairman of the roadscommittee.

C.    ParkReport

None to report this month.


VI.               Unfinished Business

A.    Signage

Andy Biederman talked to JayCarmona about ‘no trespassing, all inclusive signage that a resident had askedabout at a prior meeting.  The issue was tabled until more property owners areinterested and will be addressed again at that point.

B.    AnnualAudit

The HOA’s current auditorClausen called the prior audit firm requesting

a copy of the previousaudit/documentation and was told that he could not have it because $2,250 wasowed by VCHPOA for outstanding fees plus $500 for additional work done on thelast audit.  We never received a bill from the CFO Group.  Pat Flanaganresearched the issue, spoke with a representative of the firm and we received acredit for the $2,750 and the appropriate was given to the new auditor toproceed with the current audit which will be in June under the watchful eye ofPat and bookkeeper Lydia Hammack.

C.    Updateon Firehouse sale

District Attorney Maddox ispreparing document drafts.  The deadline is June 30.

D.    Mailboxes/CleanupDay

Volunteers will be solicitedat the annual meeting on July 23rd

E.    VehicleStickers Supply

Pat Flanagan and LydiaHammack have a supply.  They are no longer kept at the firehouse.  The stickersare $1 each.


VII.              New Business

A.    AnnualMeeting

Will be July 23, 2011 at9:00 a.m. with a barbeque after.  Newletter articles need to be in by May 25th. The newsletter will go out mid-June.


VIII.            AnyOther Matters Which Board Members Wish to Discuss

           Noneto report.


IX.             Comments by Association Members

Nevada Firesafe Highlandshas three trailers that can be borrowed for slash that residents can fill andsomeone will pick it up.  The FireSafe President for the Highlands is now GwenBuck.


X.               ExecutiveSession to Discuss Possible Violations of CC & R’s

XI.              Adjourn

     The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.


     Respectfully submitted,

     Mary Tallent-Stewart