Virginia City Highlands Property Owner’s Association

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting – Tuesday August 9, 2011

Virginia City Highlands Fire Station Training Room


Present: Flanagan,  Morrow, Tallent-Stewart


I.              Call to Order, Declaration of a Quorum and Approval of Meeting Agenda

Intertim President Steve Morrow called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and declared a quorum present.  Mary Tallent-Stewart made a motion to approve the agenda with a second by Pat Flanagan.


II.            Approve Minutes of the June 14, 2011 Regular Meeting

Pat Flanagan made a motion to approve the minutes with a second by Mary Tallent-Stewart.   The annual meeting minutes approval is postponed until they are transcribed along with those of February 8, 2011.


Appointment of New Board Members/Election of Officers

Mary Tallent-Stewart nominated for appointment to the Board Dave Thomas and Karlyn McPartlin.  Greg Ferdock had submitted his application for appointment to the board but was not at this meeting so the open position will be tabled until a response is received from him or Hampton and Hampton issues a favorable response on the power of attorney to act on his behalf for his wife Stephanie, our former board member.  It was noted that President J. Andrew Biederman had submitted his resignation via written memo to the board July 3, 2011 due to taking on a new job with a schedule that would not allow him to attend regular meetings.  It was discussed within the group and the board positions would be as follows:  President – Dave Thomas, 1st VP – Mary Tallent-Stewart, 2nd VP – Greg Ferdock (tabled until September meeting), Treasurer – Pat Flanagan, Secretary – Karlyn McPartlin.  Motion was made by Pat Flanagan with a second by Mary Tallent-Stewart to accept President position, and Secretary.  Motion made by Pat Flanagan with a second by Dave Thomas to accept 1st VP and Secretary positions.  Stephanie Ferdock has resigned from the board as it was noted that the Ferdock’s property is owned solely by her husband Greg and therefore she cannot be a board member at this time.


III.           Financial Statements

Dave reviewed the financials with the group.   As of July 1st the balance is approximately $2k more than last year due to assessments and dues being paid.  There is about $17k left to collect and $2k of that is Storey County Treasurer and will be written off.  The $500 in architectural fees is an error and should be transfer fees instead.  There were $35 in Highlands stickers sold.  Bookkeeping fees will be high in August but will be lower in September and road maintenance is below budget.  We are $7k lower cash balance than last year and the reserve owes the operating fund so Lydia Hammack with transfer $40k to cover it which should last thru year end.  Accounts receivable is about $1k higher than last year.  Pat Flanagan spoke with Pat Whitten regarding how to figure out which homes in the Highlands are in foreclosure and he will work with the Recorder’s office to project possible future ones.  Pat Flanagan made a motion to accept the financials as written with a second from Karlyn McPartlin.


IV.          Comments by Association Members (NRS 116.3108(3))

A resident complained that during the Bain fire, Storey County emergency personnel were not letting residents into the Highlands via Cartwright Road.  The sheriff’s deputy present stated that this was due to safety issues because of traffic and emergency vehicles.


V.           Committee Reports:

 Architectural Committee

There were applications for a deck, new roof, a pump house addition, fence and a shed

 Road Report

There was not much activity this month in part due to equipment failure.  The water truck drive shaft broke and was repaired.  Karlyn asked if our road plan was going to be re-evaluated periodically and if the mag-chloride applications could possibly be reduced.  It was discussed that this could be a trial and error issue but certainly could be considered.  Dave Thomas pointed out that a dust suppressant is needed or the NDEP will make us use something that could be much more expensive.  It was also asked when the next Road Committee meeting will be scheduled as they are not on a regular basis.  The webmaster will be notified and it will be posted on the chatboard for the next meeting.


A.   Park Report

Karlyn McPartlin spoke with Donny Dotson, the County Coordinator and he told her that they were basically done with funds and the project to this point.  She indicated that the basketball court is dangerous because of the uneven surfact.  The boards on the new fence are also breaking because they were not pre-drilled.  She and Dave Thomas continue to work with the County to find and access the funds that are still due the HOA for our park.  The annual picnic was a great success and many residents turned out for it.


VI.               Unfinished Business

Condition of Mailboxes/Painting, Cleanup Day

The mail boxes need painting.  Dave will call Ray Robbins, who spearheaded the project last time and see if he will be interested in doing it again with volunteer assistance.

 Annual Audit

Dave made a pertinent observation on the audit and is working with the auditor Clausen.  This should be taken care of within the next thirty days.

Update on Firehouse sale

Pat Flanagan is in the process of drafting a memorandum of understanding to give to the District Attorney to review.

New Signage

The private property signs at the entrance to Cartwright need to be amended and made larger.  Karlyn will bring a picture of possible amended signage to the September meeting.  As Lousetown Road is a county road none can be placed there.  It was also noted that SR341 to Saddleback is a county road.  There are dedicated traffic laws on all VCH roads and the Sheriff’s Department enforces them.  The County Commissioners agendized Cartwright for maintenance only due to safety issues.


 Update on Agreement with Fire Dept

Pat Flanagan created an emergency road member contact list and gave a copy to fire chief Gary Hames.  Gary is drafting an agreement/mou and will have the District Attorney review it and get back to us.


VII.               New Business

 WhiteTop Eradication Problem

This was discussed as a major problem that needs to be tabled until March of 2012 and addressed with County officials.


VIII.            Any Other Matters Which Board Members Wish to Discuss

           As Chris Nahhas had resigned as Road Manager in May if favor of just

            being the grader operator, it was suggested the former board member

            Steve Morrow be appointed to that position, which will be a volunteer

            non-paid position.  Steve has graciously accepted the appointment and

            a motion was made by Dave Thomas with a second by Karlyn McPartlin

            to formalize the appointment.  Motion carries.  Steve will establish a

            memorandum of understanding for road maintenance and meet with the

            County regarding same.


            It was noted that the board members will need to go to Bank of America

            sign new signature cards.


            It was also discussed that one board member should be responsible

            for sending webmaster Jim Poston any information that is to be

            posted on the website to lessen the possibility of confusion.


            Dave Thomas will meet with the auditor to finalize any issues and in

            a few weeks meet with the County regarding the Park Fund and draft

            a forceful letter regarding the money that is due the HOA.


            Storage of audio tapes was discussed and Karlyn will work with Jed

            Margolin and Jim Poston to get this resolved.


            Dave would like all Board Members to be at the firehouse 15 minutes

            prior to each meeting to set up and sign checks so the meeting can start

            on time at 7:00.


            Pat Flanagan will continue to prepare the meeting agenda.


IX.              Comments by Association Members

     It was discussed that several solicitors/petitioners have been at the

     mailboxes asking residents to sign their petitions.  This area is a public

     thoroughfare and they are allowed to be there.


X.                Executive Session to Discuss Possible Violations of CC & R’s

XI.               Adjourn

     The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m.


     Respectfully submitted,

     Mary Tallent-Stewart