.Virginia City Highlands Property Owner's Association

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting-Tuesday September 13, 2011

Virginia City Highlands Fire Station Training Room


Present: Dave Thomas, Mary Tallent-Stewart, Pat Flannagan, Karlyn McPartlin


       I.            Call to order, Declaration of a Quorum and Approval of Meeting Agenda

Dave Thomas called the meeting to order at 7:12pm and declared a quorum present. Pat Flannagan made a motion to approve the agenda followed by a second by Karlyn McPartlin.

Dave Thomas stated that the recording equipment used for the meetings is not available. There is a problem with the equipment which will be fixed by the next meeting.

    II.            Approval of the August meeting minutes presented by Mary Tallent-Stewart. Motion to approve those minutes made by Pat Flannagan and seconded by Karlyn McPartlin.

 III.            Financial Statements

Dave Thomas reviewed the current financial statement in detail. Dave noted that the county property taxes had not been reimbursed for 3 quarters and were reimbursed last month. A $2075 write off from account receivables represent an accounting adjustment.  A motion to accept the financial statement as presented was made by Mary and seconded by Pat. The motion was approved.

A motion by Pat was made to approve the $100 special assessment for the 2011-2012 fiscal year and seconded by Mary Tallent-Stewart. The motion was approved.

       IV.            Comments by Association Members


          V.            Committee Reports:

Architectural Committee

Rita Lumos reports that a resident on Adobe has agreed to change his white fence color to a tan which in within the guidelines of approved colors.

A carport was not approved due to set back issues.

Motion to accept the report was made by Pat Flannagan and seconded by Mary-Tallent Stewart. The motion carried.

 Road Committee

No report. Steve Morrow, road committee chairman is out of town.

Park Committee

No more work has been done as the county states that we have no money left in our fund. Dave Thomas and Karlyn McPartlin are working with the county to try and correct the status of the fund. Karlyn states that she hopes to have this issue solved by next spring so the park projects can be finished.


       VI.               Unfinished Business

Condition of Mailboxes

Painting and cleaning up the mailboxes was discussed. Karlyn will get paint chips for the stain and trim colors to present to the board next month. Upon approval a date will be set for repainting and cleanup.

Annual Audit

Pat Flannagan notes that the annual audit is nearly finished and he is pleased with the results.

New Signage

Karlyn McPartlin will provide another copy of a sign recommended for both entrances next month.

Update on Agreement to Sell the Firehouse

Pat Flannagan was asked if we had been asked to provide another appraisal of the fire house property. He does not believe that another one will be required but will discuss that with Gary Hames. He will ask for another meeting to finalize the MOU.

Whitetop Problem

Since it is late in the season, the whitetop problem will be delayed until next spring. At that time the county will be contacted to discuss them spraying Lousetown and Cartwright. The problem is worse this year than any in recent memory and it was agreed that it must be addressed next year.

VII.       New Business

Several problems with the NDF trucks were discussed. The speeding problem was discussed at the annual meeting with both Gary and the head of the NDF unit. Although the speeding issue with the county has stopped the NDF trucks continue to speed. They have also been seen filling their water truck at the well. Gary will be called to arrange a meeting to discuss these problems.


Appointment of Board Vacancy Position

There was one position which remained open on the board for the 2011-2012 year. Cynthia Lak volunteered to join the board. Mary Tallent-Stewart placed a motion to appoint Cynthia and Pat Flannagan seconded.  The motion was approved unanimously. She will assume the position of 2nd Vice President.

VIII.            Comments by Association Members


   IX.         Adjourn

  The meeting was adjourned at 8:29pm