Virginia City Highlands Property Owners’ Association

Minutes – Monthly Meeting, October 11, 2011

Virginia City Highlands Fire Station Training Room

Present:  Thomas, Tallent-Stewart, Flanagan, and Lak

Absent:  McPartlin

I.                     Call to Order, Declaration of a Quorum, and Approval of Meeting Agenda

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm by President David Thomas.  He declared a quorum present and announced that Secretary McPartlin was unable to attend due to a prior commitment.  He asked Rita Lumos to take the minutes for the meeting.

There were no additions or corrections to the agenda.  A motion by Tallent-Stewart, seconded by Flanagan, to approve the agenda a presented was approved unanimously.

II.                  Approve Minutes of Previous Meetings

Not all members of the Board had received the minutes of the September meeting and copies were not available.  Approval of those minutes was carried forward to the November meeting.

Mary Tallent- Stewart presented minutes for the annual meeting held July 23, 2011.   Board members were asked to review the minutes and be prepared to vote on them at the November meeting.

III.               Financial Statements

Dave Thomas presented the financial statement. (See Attachment A).   The statement showed total expenses for the month of $21,553 and an ending cash balance of $182,671, which is $21,844 more than the budget projected. 

A motion by Tallent-Stewart, seconded by Flanagan to accept the financial report as submitted was approved unanimously.

The new board members have not all been registered on the association bank accounts.  Pat stated that they may do this at the Virginia City branch.  Dave Thomas will set up a time for all to meet and become signatories on the accounts.

IV.               Comments by Association Members

No association members offered comments at this time.

V.                  Committee Reports

A.                  Architectural Committee:  Rita Lumos reported that the Architectural Committee had met on October 4.   There were applications approved to change the color of one existing residence and to add a mudroom to another.   A possible violation of the Architectural Guidelines was discussed and forwarded to the Board of Directors for further review and possible action.

B.                  Road Report:  Steve Morrow was out of town on business but submitted a written report.  (See Attachment B)

Mary Tallent-Stewart reported that Chris and Jim had gone through all the equipment and done routine maintenance.  The plow trucks are ready for the winter.  The shed has been cleaned and organized.  Plastic boxes full of the association’s archived files have been stored there.

There is a need for an alternate plow truck driver.  Neal Melton has agreed to plow again this year.  Doug Strenge is to be contacted to see if he is interested in the duty.  Jim Stewart will keep the plow truck at his house at the Cartwright hill so that it will be ready to alleviate problems in that area.

C.                  Park Committee:  Since Karlyn was not at the meeting there was no park committee report.


VI.               Unfinished Business

A.                  Condition of Park/Mailboxes/Painting and “Clean-Up Day:  This item is continued until the spring for further action.

B.                  Annual Audit Update:  A letter of engagement has been signed with the auditor for the next audit of the association finances.  The auditor has requested a release for the Bank of America to release the year end bank statements to that firm.

C.                  Update on Eminent Domain/Firehouse:  The District Attorney’s office is currently working on finalizing documents for this action.  For association tax purposes and for the county’s financial structure it has been suggested that a five year payout for the fire house purchase is the ideal arrangement.

D.                 New Signage for the Entrances:  No action has been taken on this signage to date.  Commissioner Sjovangen suggested that since the entrance on Lousetown is a dedicated County road that the sign could indicate that private property is ahead, or similar wording.

E.                  Update on Agreement  with Fire Department on Fire Preparedness:  Fire chief Hames has prepared a draft document and submitted it to the District Attorney’s office for finalization.  It would provide for use of the associations water truck in case of emergency, along with other provisions.

F.                  Whitetop Problem:  Commissioner Sjovangen reported that Planner Austin Osborne has looked at the growth of Whitetop in the Highlands.  It is another issue that will be addressed in the spring.

VII.             New Business

A.                  Matters which the Board Members wish to discuss:  Dave Thomas reported that when he was made aware of the plans for a motorcycle off road Poker Run in the Highlands he had contacted Sheriff Antinoro and Deny Dotson.  He discovered that the County had no knowledge of the proposed activity and that no permits had been obtained.  The sheriff’s office prevented the run from taking place, since no prior arrangements had been made with either the county or the Highlands associations.

Commissioner Sjovangen reported that he had met with county officials after the event was cancelled.  No permits were required from the county since it was to be a private event.  The motorcycle club did have a permit for use of the park in Virginia City.  He stated that there are no requirements for special events in the county ordinances.  He acknowledged that the associations should have been contacted.

The newly enacted law regarding the passing of bicycles on public roadways was discussed.  The law requires that no part of a vehicle, including side mirrors, can be within three (3) feet of a bicyclist when passing.  Dave Thomas had discussions with both NDOT and the Nevada Highway Patrol regarding the impossibility of obeying this law on Geiger Grade without crossing the double yellow line.  Both agencies are aware of the contradiction and suggested contacting legislators for a solution.


VIII.          Comments by Association Members

No comments by members were offered at this time.

IX.                Executive Session

There being no further regular business, the open meeting was closed at 7:44 pm and the board went into executive session to discuss a possible violation of the Architectural Guidelines.

A white fence had been reported in the rear of a residence on Lousetown Road.  A review of the file indicated that the fence was built prior to the inclusion of the restrictions against white fences in the Architectural Guidelines and was therefore grandfathered in.  No action will be taken on this matter.

X.                  Adjourn Meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Rita Lumos

Attachment A

Attachment B

Road Report:

Below is a list of the work completed in September:  Please note that the costs are estimates and that all work was performed before the September 2011 Monthly Meeting.  The only work performed since the meeting is vehicle maintenance in preparation for winter.

Wednesday, Sept 1st,  Apply Class II Base to the following Roads do to steepness of grades, existing clay content etc. Depth of all base is approx. 1.25” compacted on all roads we applied Base Rock. Water, Grade & Compact

1).  Calveras from Graves north on grade (3) loads Approx. 69 ton. Far North end of Calveras, from intersection of Bonanza (1) load approx. 22 ton.

2). Bonanza steep grade to Intersection of Livery (2) loads approx. 46 ton.

Cost Breakdown – Labor  $ 1110.00 ( Groundman, Water Truck, Grader, Roller) (Personnel (4) )

                             Fuel    $ 245.00 ( 70 Gals Estimate)

                    Class II Base $  825.60  (137.6 ton @ $6.00 per ton) ((6) loads of approx.23 ton per load)

                         Trucking  $ 807.50    ( (1) Semi-Bottom Dump (6) Rounds, 8.5hrs @ $95 per hour)



Thursday, September 1st, Apply (1) Load Class II Base to finish Bonanza to Livery. (3) Loads to Crestview Steep Grade, (2) Loads to upper end of Sazarac. Water, grade & Compact.


Cost Breakdown – Labor  $ 1300.00 (Groundman, Water Truck, Grader, Roller, Mechanic) (Personnel (5) )

                                Fuel  $ 245.00 (70 Gals Fuel Estimate)

                  Class II Base  $ 849.60 (141.6 ton@ $6.00 per ton) ( (6) loads of approx. 23 ton per load)

                        Trucking  $ 855.00  ( (1) Semi-Bottom Dump (6) Rounds, 9 hrs @ $95 per hour)

                                         $ 3249.60

* (Note) Roller breakdown (5) Hours Repair work by mechanic), also Gigger Grade Closed for 3 hours do to accident, delayed our work.)


Friday, September 2nd, Apply (6) Loads Class II Base to finish upper end of Sazarac. Water, Grade & Compact.


Cost Breakdown – Labor  $ 715.00 (Groundman, Water Truck, Grader, Roller) (Personnel (4) )

                               Fuel    $ 245.00  (70 Gals Fuel estimate)

                  Class II Base   $ 781.80  (130.3 ton @ $6.00 per ton) ( (6) loads of approx. 22 tons per load)

                        Trucking   $ 807.50  ( (1) Semi-Bottom Dump (6) Rounds, 8.5 hrs @ $95 per hour)



Tuesday, September 6th, Apply Class II Base to Empire from park south, using  (3)  Semi-Bottom Dumps. Water, Grade, & Compact.


Cost Breakdown – Labor  $ 1040 ( Groundman, Water Truck, Grader, Roller) (Personnel (4) )

                               Fuel   $ 245.00 (70 Gals Fuel Estimate)

                  Class II Base  $ 1785.60 (297.6 ton @ $6.00 per ton) ( 14 loads of approx. 22 tons per load)

                       Trucking   $ 2327.50 ( (3) Semi-Bottom Dumps, 24.5 hrs @ $95 per hour)

                                         $ 5398.10


Wednesday, September 7th,  Finish  Class II Base to Empire/Clemens Intersection, using (3)  Semi-Bottom Dumps. Water, Grade & Compact.


Cost Breakdown – Labor  $ 992.50 (Groundman, Water Truck, Grader, Roller) ( Personnel (4) )

                               Fuel    $ 245.00 (70 Gals Fuel Estimate)

                   Class II Base  $ 1980.00 (330 ton @ $6.00 per ton) (15 loads of approx. 22 tons per load)

                        Trucking   $ 2612.50 ( (3) Semi-Bottom Dumps, 27.5 hrs  @ $95 per hour)

                                          $ 5830.00


Thursday, September 8th, Apply Mag Chloride to upper 3.5 tenths of a mile on Sazarac at .25 GPSY. Apply remainder of load on Empire from Park to Jct of Clemens at same rate.


Cost Breakdown – Labor  $ 557.50 (Groundman, Water Truck, Grader, Roller) (Personnel (4) )

                               Fuel   $ 245.00  (70 Gals Fuel Estimate)

                  Mag Chloride   $ 4500.00 ( Approx. 4400 Gals )

                                         $ 5302.50


Friday, September 9th, Apply Class II Base to Sullivan (2) loads, Bullette (2) loads, & Park (1) load, using (1) transfer.


Cost Breakdown – Labor  $ $1042.50  (Groundman, Water Truck, Grader, Roller, Mechanic)

                               Fuel    $ 245.00 (70 gals Fuel Estimate)

                  Class II Base   $ 823.80 ( 137.3 ton @ $6.00 ) (5 loads of approx. 27.5 ton per load)

                       Trucking    $ 688.75 ( (1) Transfer, 7.5 hrs @ $95 per hour)

                                          $ 2800.05

·         Mechanic make repairs to articulation Hydraulic control (3) hours.


We applied Class II Base Rock to approx.2.65 miles of roads of the total of 14.2 miles, 1174.4 Tons of Class II Base, at an average depth of 1.25” compacted.  Average cost per ton in place is approx. $23.92 including material, trucking, labor and equipment with mechanic’s time included.

 As previously mentioned, all of this work was performed prior to September’s Monthly Meeting.  No other Road Work has been performed since Friday September 9th .

The procedures for Winter Maintenance are all lined out.  Jim Stewart and Neil Melton will initially be setup to drive the plow trucks as needed.  We are in the process of setting up alternative drivers to fill in as well.  I spoke with Mary and they will keep a set at the Stewarts, Mary has a set for me and I believe that Dave Thomas should have a set as the Board President.  I have been contacted by Storey County and I am on their contact list as Roads Manager.

As previously discussed, we will have Chris Nahass come in to do some snow removal training once the snow flies.

The next Roads Meeting will likely be in November, I am shooting for the 2nd or 3rd week.  Notice of the meeting will be posted on the Chat Board and the website at least 1 week prior to the meeting time.

Stephen A. Morrow, P.E.