Virginia City Highlands Property Owners’ Association

Minutes Monthly Meeting - Tuesday November 8, 2011

Virginia City Highlands Fire Station Training Room



Present: Dave Thomas, Mary Tallent-Stewart, Cecila

             Lak, Pat Flanagan, Karlyn McPartlin


1.      Call to order, Declaration of Quorum and Approval of Meeting agenda.


   Dave Thomas called the meeting to order at 7:04pm. 

   The minutes were reviewed and approved for July

   23, 2011, September 2011 and Oct 2011.

   Pat stated that the minutes for Feb 2011 are lost and

   in spite of searching cannot be located.  The board

   agreed to list those minutes as missing.

   A motion to accept all the minutes was made by

   Cecila and seconded by Pat.


2. Financials


    Dave gave a detailed report on the financial status

    of the association.  A copy of the financials can be

    obtained from the secretary or on our web site.


    Gio Badaluco requested a copy of the road

    maintaince expenses.  Several attending residents

    asked for a more detailed list of the road costs. 

    Dave gave them a very detailed explanation of

    the expenses incurred over the past year.  The

    number people of the road crew was discussed as

    was the salaries being paid.

    A motion was made by Mary and seconded by Pat

    To accept the financial report. The motion passed.

4.  Comments by Association Members


      Cecila commented about the trash left at the old

      mailboxes for the past 2 weeks.

      Dave thanked Jim Stewart for cleaning up the mail-

      box area.

      Pat thanked all those who helped stuffing

      envelopes for the annual dues mailing.

      Karlyn reported that the Halloween party was a  

      huge success with about 85 in attendance.

      Dave reported that he had talked to Vanessa

      Dufranse concerning redistricting.  Dave said he

      would like one commissioner that represented the

      Highlands since we make up such a large

      percentage of voters in the county.  He asked for

      a report concerning the actual percentage of

      County voters and said that he will report back to

      us at the next meeting.


5.  Committee Reports


     Architectural Committee


     Rita Lumos reported on two reviews, a new roof

     and a driveway installation. Both were approved.

     No fees were collected for these items.


     Park Committee


     Nothing to report.  Dave and Karlyn are still working

     on trying to obtain the funds due to the Highlands

     for further park improvements.  A report will be

     made at a later time when the information is

     available from the county.


     Road Committee


     Steve Morrow, road committee chairman, reported

     that only maintenance on the plows was done

     to prepare for the coming winter. No road work

     was done. Neal Melton is heading up the plow

     crew which will consist of two plow drivers per


     He also said that we will be using more sand on

     Cartwright.  The “trigger” point for snow plowing

     will be 4”. Steve noted that anything less tears up

     the road surface.     

     Steve also mentioned that he is making an effort

     to evaluate all the roads for problems that will need

     to be addressed in the spring.

     Terri Badaluco stated that she and the other

     residents on Clemems want the road rocked and

     graded.  Several residents who live on Clemens

     reported that their road is excessively slippery and

     difficult to drive on when wet.

     Steve agreed that Clemens remains a problem.

     and does need more rock applied.

     Dale Morgan, a Clemens resident, wants the road   

     bladed now and not wait until spring due to the

     deep ruts they have now. Terri Badaluco

     stated that the two wheel drive vehicles cannot

     drive on most of the roads.  Dave stated that all

     home owners should have four wheel drive

     Vehicles available for winter driving.   He

     mentioned that we have a sign at the entrance

     stating that 4 wheel drive is needed in the

     Highlands.  The residents in attendance agreed

     that 4 wheel drive is imperative due to dangerous

     road conditions during bad weather.

     Dave and Steve agreed to stop applying the mag

     Chlor to Clemens.  Steve was asked if road

     planning would be discussed at the next road

     meeting.  He said it would be and several of the

     residents stated that they wanted to attend the

     meeting which Steve said would be held about a

     week after Thanksgiving.

     Steve told us that Spanish Springs has the same

     number of miles and brought in clay and base

     every year for 12 years but when their GID was

     formed the roads were paved.

     Dave Thomas stated that it would cost about

     $12.5 million to pave our roads.

     Several of the residents stated that they didn’t want

     paved roads.

     A motion by Dave to accept the report was made

     with a second by Mary.  Motion approved.


     Dave suggests that the board consider creating

     a questionnaire to go out to all homeowners asking

     Their opinion on various subjects that are of  

     Concern to the residents.  The suggestion was

     tabled until the next meeting.


6.  Unfinished Business


     Pat reported that he went to visit our DA Mr. Maddox

     Concerning the MOU on fire preparedness.  He also

     Called Pat Whitten but he was on vacation.  Mr.

     Maddox has not be able to go over the proposal

     due to his very busy schedule.


     Pat also reports that Lydia is on track with next

     years audit.


     New No Trespassing signs were discussed.  It  

     Was agreed that the signs should be about 3’x4’  

     The sample that was passed around the room was

     approved by all as well as the board.

     Karlyn will have Jay Carmona give us a bid on

     Creating three signs to be put up at the three

     entrances to the Highlands.


7.  New Business





8.  Any other matters the board members whish to





10. Adjourn


      Meeting was adjourned.



Respectfully submitted by

Karlyn McPartlin, secretary