Virginia City Highlands Property Owners' Association

Minutes Monthly Board Homeowners' Meeting

Tuesday January 10, 2012

Virginia City Highlands Fire Station Training Room- 7:00pm



Present: Dave Thomas, Cynthia Lak, Pat Flanagan, Karlyn McPartlin

Absent: Mary Tallent-Stewart


     I.  Call to Order, Declaration of a quorum and Approval of Meeting Agenda


President Dave Thomas called the meeting to order at 7:04pm and

declared a quorum present.


IIApprove Minutes of Previous Meetings


The minutes were approved with no changes noted.  Motion by Pat Flannagan and seconded by Cynthia Lak.




Dave Thomas reviewed the financial statements.  Total expenses for the month of December 2011 were $1531.42 and a cash balance

of $210,579.20 was noted.  A motion for acceptance by Pat Flannagan and a second by Cynthia Lak was passed unanimously.


IVComments by Association Members


No comments


VCommittee Reports


A.  Architectural Committee


Rita Lumos reported that there was no business for the month of December.




       B.  Road Report


Approximately $500 to $700 in repairs to the snow vehicles need to be done. Board approved repairs to vehicles.  Bonanza, Crestview and Graves need some road works.  All have wash-boarded badly.  The roads will be graded when we get some moisture since the water truck cannot be used in the winter after being emptied due to freezing problems.

Motion to accept by Pat Flannagan and seconded by Cynthia Lak.  Approved unanimously.


CPark Committee


Nothing to report for month of December.


VI. Unfinished Business


        A. Update on Agreement with Fire Dept.on Fire Preparedness


Pat Flannagan reports that the agreement has been received by

DA Maddox.  Due to a large volume of work it is still pending.


        B.  Annual Audit


Pat Flannagan states that everything is in order and working towards our next audit with no problems noted


CIC.  Update of Eminent Domain/Firehouse


Pat Flannagan reports that the documents are still being reviewed with nothing specific to report as of now.


DNew Signage for entrances


Board will wait until Spring to finish and install new signs.




VIINew Business


Any other business the board members wish to discuss.


No other business noted.


IXAdjourn Meeting


January 2012 monthly meeting adjourned at 7:44pm




Respectfully submitted,


Karlyn McPartlin

Secretary VCHPOA