Virginia City Highlands Property Owners' Association

Minutes Monthly Board Homeowners' Meeting- Tuesday March 13, 2012

Virginia City Highlands Fire Station-Training Room



Present: Dave Thomas, Cecilia Lac, Mary Tallent-Stewart, Karlyn McPartlin

Absent: Pat Flanagan



1Call to Order, Declaration of a Quorum and Approval of Meeting Agenda

2    President  Dave Thomas called the meeting to order at 7:01 pm and declared a quorum was present.  The meeting agenda was reviewed and approved.


4Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting

5The February minutes were reviewed.  Karlyn McPartlin moved to approve and Cecilia Lak seconded.  The minutes were approved.


      3.  Financial Statements

1     Dave Thomas presented the financial statement (see attachment A).  The ending cash balance was $295,329.82 which is $16,492 higher than budgeted for this time due to the lack of need for snow plowing efforts and dues and assessments being  paid on time.  He reported that the expected expenses for March 2012 are $2,628.83.  A motion to accept the financial statements was made by Mary Tallent-Stewart and seconded by Cecilia Lak.


      4.  Comments by Association Members

                 Dave Thomas gave an update on the  Calaveras problem with equipment blocking

             the roads and equipment that has been left or abandoned on a parcel.  He said that he is

             working with the owners of the equipment to have everything removed as soon as




      5.  Committee Reports


            Architectural Committee: 

                  Nothing to report for month


            Road Committee: 

                   It was reported that the storage sheds that we use for our equipment and records are

                   leaking.  The roofs are approximately 25 years old.  After discussion a motion was

                   made by Cynthia Lak and seconded by Mary Tallent-Stewart to replace the roof on

                   both buildings.

                   A new policy is being written for workman comp claims.  Steve said that we need

                   to post the various rules in a central location.  He will get all the materials needed

                 to  accomplish this need.


            Park Committee:

                  Nothing to report for month.


        6.  New Business

                  Jack McGuffey told us that the question of a cell tower being built on a piece of

              property was going to be discussed at the next planning commission meeting.  He

              suggested that all interested should attend the meeting.  It was also noted that

              the board has no authority to approve or disapprove this request.  When the

              county acts on the request it will be passed to the Architectural Committee for

              review to ensure compliance with our CCR's.


       A motion by Dave Thomas was made to adjourn was made at 7:45 pm and seconded by

       Mary Tallent-Stewart. 





Respectfully submitted:

Karlyn McPartlin