Virginia City Highlands Property Owners’ Association

Monthly Homeowners Board Meeting  Tuesday May 8, 2012

Virginia City  Highlands Fire Station Training Room  7:00 pm



Present: Dave Thomas, Pat Flanagan, Cecila Lak, Mary Tallent-Stewart,

             Karlyn McPartlin



I.      Call to Order, Declaration of a  Quorum and Approval of Meeting Agenda


        President Dave Thomas called the meeting to order at  7:00pm and     

        declared a quorum present.



II.     Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting


         A motion by  Pat and a second by Cecilia was passed unanimously to

         accept the minutes of the April meeting as written.


III.     Financial Statements


        Dave presented the financial report (see attachment A).  The ending

        balance for April 2012 was $296,321.88 which is $9,130 over budget

        due to lack of snow removal this past winter. 


       A motion to accept the minutes as presented  was made by Mary and 

       seconded by Pat and approved unanimously.



IV.    Comments by Association Members


         No comments were made by members.



V.      Committee Reports


         Architectural Committee


         Rita Lumos reported that she had a meeting with the people who are

         going to install the cell phone monopole.  Some of the highlights were

         that the area containing the equipment will be 30’x75’ or 2250 sq feet.  It

         will be located on a consolidated 2.8 acre lot among a rather large grove

         of trees.  The building will meet all Storey County building codes, be

        painted a dark brown and have a fence surrounding the installation.  The

        owners of the lot plan on building their home in the next few years.

        See attachment B for the plans.  Rita informed us that all the plans and

        pictures are available from the architectural committee or in the Building

        Department in Virginia City.   Also the committee will again review the

        plans after the final approval of the commissioners.



        Road Committee


        Steve did an exhaustive report which is available on line for the

        homeowners to study if they wish. 



        Park Committee


        Nothing to report this month.  Karlyn and Dave are still working on

        getting the monies still owed to the park fund.



VI.    Unfinished Business



       A.  White top Problem


         Mary talked to Austin concerning the large amount of white top throughout

         the Highlands area.  He said he will try to attend our June meeting for

         an update.  Apparently all the monies have been exhausted throughout

         county for weed eradication.


        B. Annual Audit


         Pat stated that the audit is almost finished with just small details left which

         Dave will take care of.


        C Eminent Domain /Firehouse


          Nothing to report on the sale of the firehouse to Storey County.


        D. New Signs


            Dave is waiting for a response from the DA as to the legality of posting

            private property signs on county roads.  He will find out if it is ok for us

            to post private roads when Lousetown is a county road.


VII.  New Business


    A.   The annual  meeting was discussed and the date of July 28 was

       discussed.  We briefly discussed who should be our invited guests to give

       the residents updates on various items.  The date and time will be finalized

       at the next meeting.


   B.  Mary reminded us about the Highlands clean up day scheduled for the 19th.

        She will have trash bags at the mailboxes if needed.  She asks us to work

        on our streets and leave the bags out for the garbage pick up on Monday.



VIII.  Comments by Association Members





XI.  There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm.



Respectfully submitted,

Karlyn McPartlin