Virginia City Highlands Property Owner’s Association

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting – Tuesday July 10, 2012

Virginia City Highlands Fire Station Training Room


Present:  Dave Thomas, Mary Tallent-Stewart, Pat Flanagan, Cecelia



I.    Call to Order, Declaration of a Quorum and Approval of Meeting Agenda

President Dave Thomas called the meeting to order, declared a quorum present and reviewed the agenda.  Pat Flanagan made a motion to approve the agenda with a second by Mary Tallent-Stewart.


II.  Approve Minutes of the May 8th and June 12, 2012 Regular Meetings

 Pat Flanagan made a motion to approve the minutes with a second by    Cecelia Lak.  


III. Financial Statements

Dave reviewed the financials with the group and noted that the cash balance is $40,526 higher to date than last year.  Accounts receivable are up $3,667 because collections are down on dues and assessments and there is higher payroll tax liability due to the timing of payroll tax remittances.  On the profit/loss statement billings are down slightly.  Architectural and transfer fees were $757 higher than last year.  We neglected to bill for the rental house in 2011 but caught it up in 2012 so it shows rental income has increased.  Professional fees show an increase due to billing of two years of audits.  Road expenses are down $39,281 but this is due to the timing of the expenses vs fiscal year end.


Dave Thomas briefly went over the upcoming annual meeting presentation including a 6-7 year cash and spending summary, age of association equipment, 2012-2013 annual budget, inflation versus purchasing power and how expenses are treated prior to June 30 fiscal year end and after.  A resident asked about late payments of dues and assessments and Dave explained the procedures regarding collections when these are not paid.  A motion to accept the financial reports was made by Mary Tallent-Stewart with a second by Cecelia Lak.


IV.          Comments by Association Members (NRS 116.3108(3)) – None to report


V. Committee Reports:

 Architectural Committee

None to report

 Road Report

All roads were watered this week and Durablend will be applied to Panhandle and Enterprise tomorrow.  ¾” base will be applied to Delta and Saddleback next week with MagChloride to follow.  1 ½” rock will be applied to Adobe Spur and Flint tomorrow.   Repairs were needed to the water truck as it was discovered that, at some point, the current differential had been installed backward.  A new driver’s seat was installed, rear brakes repaired, rebuilt front differential, new U-joints, wheel bearings for both back axles, installation of a German diesel pump engine for pressurization system for the water sprayers, installation of ball valves per the request of Station 2 fire chief for water tender use and finally, a new window track was installed for the drivers window so it could actually go up and down.  What a concept.

     No Park Report this month


VI.               Unfinished Business

Update on Eminent Domain/Firehouse

The District Attorney still has the memorandum of understanding.  The Commissioners and Pat Whitten need to make a decision on what to do but Dave Thomas brought up the fact that we can force the county to do something when the lease is up.  Dave will speak with them about the situation and see if he can get some action going.

 New Signage For Entrances

This is tabled because Dave Thomas needs to obtain legal review.

Annual Meeting Planning

No public addressed system is planned for use at this meeting and Dave Thomas will speak to Jed Margolin and ask if he will volunteer to record the meeting on audio equipment.  Mary Tallent-Stewart offered to get the coffee and donuts for the meeting.


VII.             New Business – None to report


VIII.            Comments by Association Members

 A resident asked the disposition of the planned cell tower.  It was discussed that the special use permit applied for required two carriers be added and only one has signed up.  That is AT & T.  The permit was amended to require only one carrier but they are strongly encouraged to obtain a second one.  The company has not come before the architectural committee yet.


IX.               Adjourn


     The meeting was adjourned at 7:51 p.m.


     Respectfully submitted,

     Mary Tallent-Stewart

     Vice President