Virginia City Highlands Property Owners’ Association

Minutes - Monthly Meeting – Tuesday, September 10, 2013

V.C. Highlands Fire Station Training Room

Present:  Dave Thomas, Karlyn McPartlin, Jim Watson, Patrick Flanagan, and Jack McGuffey     

Absent:  None

I.                    Call to Order, Declaration of a Quorum, and Approval of Meeting Agenda  

President Thomas called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm and declared a quorum present.  The agenda was approved as posted.

II.                  Approve Minutes of August 13, 2013 Meeting  

A motion by McPartlin, seconded by Flanagan to approve the minutes as submitted was approved unanimously.

III.                Comments by Association Members (NRS 116.31083.5)  

Cecilia Lak commented that the cell tower might not be built.  It will likely be built, but the tower company has to go back to planning commission to amend the special use permit, causing a delay.  This was explained at the annual meeting by Austin Osborne, County Planner.

Larry Prater said the one of the biggest problems in the area concerning water Is the potential density and high usage.  He would like the association to encourage property owners to purchase lots adjacent to their own.  Perhaps the association could underwrite or indemnify the purchase loan providing the owner would consolidate the lots to control development. 

Jim Watson said that realtors do not take enough responsibility for explaining the water situation to buyers.  He would like the association to produce a document that would be given to buyers explaining the issues in the area.

McGuffey said that perhaps an incentive would be to offer a discount on the special assessment to consolidated lots.  Thomas explained that the governing documents would have to be revised in order for that to happen. 

Lak asked Prater if there is a plan by the county to put meters on wells.  It has been discussed, but there is no plan to do so.  The State Engineer controls water rights, not the county. 

IV.               Review of Financial Statements  

Thomas reviewed the financial statements for the month of August.  Total expenses were $59,461; income was $2,466.  The cash balance at the end of August was  $259,396.

The complete financial statements are available on the association web site at

He noted that $1,875 transfer fees have been collected in this fiscal year, indicating that property sales are increasing.  Postage and administrative fees are over budget due to the second election.  He stated that no roadwork had been done in the month of August.

Darrel Sacceri complained that no water has been put on his road.  Since no roadwork was done in the month, no roads were watered.  Thomas said that he would check with the road crew to see if watering is scheduled.

He noted that road spending is right on budget, contrary to rumors that the budget has been expended, leaving no funds for snow plowing.

A motion by McPartlin, seconded by McGuffey, to accept the financial report was approved unanimously

V.                 Committee Reports

A.     Architectural Committee  

Rita Lumos reported that there had been four applicants at the September meeting.  Two were for the construction of decks, one for reroofing, painting and general improvement, and one for a revised driveway.  A motion by McPartlin, seconded by Watson to approve the committee report was approved unanimously.

B.      Road Report  

Storey County has proposed doing crack sealing on Cartwright.  The county would provide labor and the cost to the association would be approximately $20,000. Thomas stated that he feels it would be inappropriate for this board to spend money that is not in the budget right before the new board is elected.  He also feels it would set a bad precedent since the county agreed to take over the maintenance of Cartwright and it is now not honoring that bargain.  Jason VanHavel agrees that the county should be pushed to do the maintenance. 

Flanagan says that the HRPOA should pay about a third of the cost if the associations do decide to the work.  He thinks the county portion between the highway and Saddleback may receive an overlay. 

A motion by McPartlin, seconded by McGuffey to decline payment to the county for crack sealing on Cartwright was approved with Flanagan opposed.

VI.               Unfinished Business

A.     Entryway Signs

McPartlin reported that she had appeared before the County Commission with a proposal to put signs near the entrances to the Highlands.   The plan would construct a sign which would be supported by two posts on the ends and consolidate all the existing signs to this one.  Other old signs would be removed. After much discussion, a motion to approve the proposal was passed by the commission.  They expressed concern that both associations are in agreement with the plan.  McPartlin will attend the HRPOA meeting to seek their approval and participation. 

She will bring the design to the board for final approval. 

VII.             Any Other Matters which the Board Members Wish to Discuss

McPartlin would like to gather all the files so that they can be put into the new file cabinets. Most are in the shed in the equipment yard.  Flanagan would like to keep the financial records in the plastic bins as they currently are.  Thomas said that he would arrange for the files to be moved from the shed to the training room so they can be put in the cabinets.

VIII.           Comments by Association Members (NRS 116.3108.3(c))

No further comments were offered.

IX.                Executive Session to Discuss Possible Violations of the CC&R’s, if Necessary  

The regular meeting recessed and the board went into executive session.

In accordance with Nevada Revised Statutes the proceedings of executive sessions are kept confidential. Full minutes of the executive session are available upon request.

X.                  Adjourn

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Rita Lumos, Recording Secretary