Present: Jay Carmona, Jason Van Havel, Karlyn McPartlin

Absent:  Jack McGuffey, Dale Morgan


1.      Call to Order, Declaration of a Quorum Approval of Meeting Agenda

         President Carmona called the meeting to order at 7:06pm and declared

         a quorum present.  A motion by Van Havel, seconded by McPartlin to

         approve the agenda was approved unanimously.


2.       Approve Minutes of February 12, 2014 meeting

A motion by McPartlin and seconded by Van Havel to approve the

        minutes as submitted was approved unanimously.


3.      Comments by Association Members

Bill Sjovangen stated that the park funds have now been reviewed

and Hugh Gallagher is ready to present the final numbers at the next

Commissioners meeting on March 18.  He said that a copy has been

sent to Dave Thomas for review.  He also informed us that they have

been contacted by the people overseeing the Sunny Hills Project and that they will be conducting another meeting with the Highlands residents.  A date has not been set but we will be notified as soon as one is announced.  They are planning on meeting with the 10 acre residents next week and then will make arrangements to meet with the one acre residents later.  Jerry Antinoro informed us that this years Reno-Odyssey will be held sometime in May.  They will not be using the Cartwright entrance but will move down to the open paved area before the intersection.  He warned us that there will be a lot of runners and support vehicles and that extreme caution must be used that day.  Bill Sjovangen told us that if there are any problems to please call him at home at 847-7558 and he will immediately come with a camera to record the events.

Deputy Mendoza addressed the Neighborhood Watch Program that he is overseeing for the county.  He stated that the program is alive and well and seems to be working smoothly.  He told us that our representative is Jack McGuffey.  He asks that we call Jack with any concerns or if you would like to join the program.  They are always looking for volunteers.  There were no questions so he was thanked for his time and effort for telling us about this important program.



4.      Review of Financial Statements

Due to a death in the family Dale Morgan was not able to attend the meeting.  Tommy Sargent, our new bookkeeper, gave a detailed report. The month began with a balance of $366,357.33 and ended with a balance of $368,845.44 with a total of $3,565.07 in expenses.  He went through the new format for reporting the financial's and asked for any suggestions that we might have to improve the report.  Please contact him with any thoughts.  He will provide the board members with an accounting of how many outstanding dues we have as of March.  A motion by McPartlin and seconded by Van Havel was made to accept the report.  It was approved unanimously.


        The complete financial statement are available on the web site at


5.      Committee Reports

A.  Architectural Committee

      Rita reported that the  committee reviewed plans for a new residence on Sazarac.  The plans were approved and $500 was collected. Another homeowner wants to replace their roof.  The roof was approved.  No fee was charged.

       Jack McGuffey was appointed by the board to the Architectural

committee to fill an existing opening.  The board thanked Jack for taking this important position.


B.  Road Report

     Jay Carmona reported that the equipment has been gone over thoroughly and is ready for road work which will begin on Wed. March 12.  The first roads to be done will be Adobe and Adobe Spur.  He added that the following roads are planned to be done this season: Grizzly, Empire, Dortort, Clemens off of Panhandle and Crestview.  These roads will have gravel and or road base applied.  All roads will be graded.  The amount of work done will depend on time and funds left in the budget.  When the new board was seated in October, $48,000 had already been spent out of the road budget. This may impact the amount of work that can be done this season.

Jay also reported that we have suffered theft from the equipment yard in the past month or so.  He feels that we have to purchase a camera system to put up and the board agreed.  It is expensive to continue to replace items taken so hopefully this will stop these losses. Jaye Fontana asked Jerry Antinoro about policing our roads.  Jerry stated that they would be happy to but that the 15 mph signs on all the dirt roads do not comply with the county ordinance of 20 mph.  Until they do the sheriffs dept cannot stop anyone.


 C.  Park Report

       Karlyn reported that nothing can be done until the County finishes

                the audit to determine how much money is in the account.  We

                been at a stand still for two years awaiting the county to finalize

                the funds.  Bill Sjovangen reminded us that we will also be given

                $10,000/year to spend as we see fit.  Karlyn reminded everyone

                any monies received belong to all the Highlands, not just the one

                acre residents.  She is in the process of arranging a meeting of all

                Highlands residents to come up with a “wish” list.  When finalized

             that list will be presented to the Commissioners for approval.  Bill told

             us that the monies can obtained via grants, infrastructure and capital

             improvement funds.  We will know more when the list has been

             made and we are ready to move forward with projects.


6.      Old Business



7.      Unfinished Business




8.      New Business



9.      Any Other Matters which the Board Members wish to discuss



10. Comments by Association Members



11.  Adjourn

          There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at

          7:49 pm


12. Executive Session to Discuss Possible Violations of the CCR''s, If




Respectfully submitted

Karlyn McPartlin