Present: Jay Carmona, Jack McGuffey, Karlyn McPartlin

Absent:  Dale Morgan, Jason VanHavel


1.      Call to Order, Declaration of a Quorum and Approval of Meeting Agenda

 President Carmona called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm and declared a quorum was present.

The agenda was amended to include the following:  replace Dale Morgan who has resigned, include Jerry Antinoro under New Business.


2.       Approve Minutes of  March, 11, 2014 Meeting

 A   motion was made by McGuffey and seconded by McPartlin to approve the March 11, 2014 minutes.  Approved unanimously.


     3.  Replace Dale Morgan as Treasurer

          With Tommy Sargent's permission McGuffey nominated Tommy for

          the position of Treasurer. It was seconded by McPartlin. The attendees     

          were advised that Tommy would continue as our bookkeeper while

          serving as Treasurer.  The nomination was passed unanimously.


     4.  Comments by Association Members



     5. Review of Financial Statements

         Tommy Sargent reviewed the financial statements.  Currently

         there is $44,133.28 in checking and $291,087.77 in savings for

         a cash balance of $335,221.05.  Expenses for the month were

         $38,346.  Income was $5,430. Expenses were higher due to the start

         the yearly road work and continuing maintenance on the vehicles.

        The complete financial statement are available on the web site at


5.      Committee Reports

A.  Architectural Committee

     McGuffey reported that a concrete patio on Adobe was approved, a

     sliding glass door and gable and redwood fence around building on

     Cartwright was also approved as well as a galvanized mesh fence

     on the rear portion of a lot on Enterprise Rd.


        B.  Road Report

             A copy of the road report is included as attachment A.


C. Park Report

         McPartlin reported that she attended the Commissioners Meeting on

         March 11, 2014  along with Dave Thomas.  Hugh Gallegaher, county

         comptroller announced that after extensive research the missing park

         funds have been found.

         The exact amount is yet to be determined but it is somewhere in

         the $80,000 range not including the interest that will be added when

         it is figured out.  This has been a very long battle but finally the

         issue has been solved and we are looking forward to making

         improvements to the park.  McPartlin also discussed the need for

         the residents of the ones and tens to meet and come up with a wish

         list of what the residents would like to have in the way of

         improvements.  There will be a meeting on April 22, 2014 to discuss

         and create a list which will be given to the Commissioners.  They said

         that there is money available besides the park funds that could be used

         for improvements in the Highlands.  All residents were encouraged to

         attend this important meeting.


6.      Old Business



     7.  Update by Sheriff Antinero

          Sheriff Antinero announced that the county wide evacuation drill is in

          the planning process.  He stated that this a very important exercise

          for the county and residents so that we are prepared in case of

          an emergency.  He also said that on May 17, 2014 all residents will

          receive a reverse 911 call.  If you do not receive a call on that day it

          is important that you notify dispatch so that your number can be

          added to the call list.  The evacuation center will be at the middle

          school.  Free dog licensing and microchiping of all dogs will be    

          available.  Also dog vaccines will be offered at a discount price.

          Everyone is encouraged to check out this event as things important

          to all Storey County residents will be located in one space making

          it convenient for everyone to ask questions, get  your dog vaccinated,

          meet your neighbors and have a great time as well.


7.      Unfinished Business

A discussion was held as to who should answer questions that are

         sent to the board via email.  To date it seems that the emails are

         answered by two or more or not answered at all.  It was decided that

         McPartlin will answer the emails and/or send it to the board member

         who can provide a more in depth answer if needed.

         The issue of Sunny Hills was discussed.  The Tens Association invited

         the  Sunny Hills representatives to attend their last board meeting and


         give presentation to them.  One's members were allowed to attend but

         not allowed to ask any questions.  They appointed two people to act

         as lieason between them and the Sunny Hills representatives.  After

         much discussion the board decided that we would not appoint anyone

         to this committee.  It was felt that it is up to Sunny Hills to approach

         the residents of Storey County as one group.  This is an issue that

         affects the entire county not just the Ones and Tens associations. If

         notified we will tell them that we will respond as part of the county.


8.      New Business

         McGuffey spoke about the Neighborhood watch program.  They are

         looking for more volunteers.  He can be contacted at VCHNWP@
 or you can reach him at home at 847-7404.  If you have

         any questions concerning this important program residents are

         encouraged to call him.

         McGuffey also announced that this meeting was illegal because

         the agenda was posted a few days late.  McPartlin answered that

         although she had been Secretary for almost 2 years she had never

         been allowed to post the agenda before and simply had forgotten to

         post the required 10 days before.  McGuffey stated that he could

         overlook it this time as long as it was posted in a timely manner in the



9.      Any Other Matters which the Board Members wish to discuss

Carmona wanted to again stress the importance of slowing down

while driving in the Highlands.  Speed does more damage to the road

surface anything else.  He commented that we spend the vast majority

         of our dues and assessments on the roads.  Simply slowing down

         would go a long way in preserving the work currently being done.


10. Comments by Association Members



11.  Adjourn

          The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm


12. Executive Session to Discuss Possible Violations of the CCR''s, If


                 No meeting necessary.



Respectfully submitted

Karlyn McPartlin