Present: Jay Carmona, Jason VanHavel, Jack McGuffey, Karlyn McPartlin,

             Tommy Sargent

Absent: none


1.      Call to Order, Declaration of a Quorum and Approval of Meeting Agenda

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 pm and a quorum was present.


2.       Approve Minutes of  April 8, 2014 Meeting

          The minutes were presented.  After review a motion by VanHavel and

          seconded by McPartlin was made.  Approved unanimously.


3.      Comments by Association Members

Resident Dave Abel stated that the roads have not been in this good

of condition for many year.  He stated that he is very pleased with efforts being made by the road crew.  There was general agreement by those in attendance. 


4.      Review of Financial Statements

Treasurer Tommy Sargent reviewed the financial statement.  He noted that spending on the roads is up from last month and that this is to be expected as we are in road improvement season. Currently there is $6970 in checking and $291,226.09 in savings.  Expenses for the month were $41,280.12 with total revenue of $3,620.  Pat Flannagan questioned the board about insurance coverage.  Bill Lewis stated that any 1099 employee must carry their own insurance.  Sargent acknowledged both statement and assured them that the correct insurance is in place.

Rita Lumos reminded the board that the filing fees to the  Secretary of State are due in May.  This was noted by the board.


        The complete financial statement are available on the web site at


5.      Committee Reports

A.  Architectural Committee

     Rita Lumos reported that the Bartholomews brought back their plans

     which had been approved by the county.  They were approved by

     committee and the $500 fee was paid.  They also approved an

     addition on Highlands road and plans on Sazarac were also

     reviewed and approved.  Bill and Martha Evans were in attendance.

     They want clarification on why their plans which had been

     approved by the architectural committee on 10/1/2013 and on

     4/1/2014 and the Storey County Planning Dept on 5/12/2014

     were reversed and denied on 5/6/2014.  They stated that they had

     done everything required of them by the committee by getting a

     Special Use Permit approved by the county.  They don't understand

     how the committee came to the conclusion to deny after approval.

     Based on the approvals they have already purchased materials and

     started the coversion of their garage unit.  Bill Lewis, Chairman of the

     committee, and Rita Lumos, secretary of the committee stated that

     they had denied the application because in was 2  units on one

     property and that the committee is only allowed to approve

     one unit per lot.  In their letter to the Evans they also stated that

     county and state laws are in place concerning wells and septic

     which was also part of the consideration of denial.  Carmona

     stated that this board could do nothing about the water issue

     as that is a county and state requirement and we  have no standing

     to make those determinations.  Mr Evans stated that the county

     had approved the conversion which included several provisions

     that covered that issue. A lengthly discussion ensued as to the

     legality of the denial.  The issue will be put on the agenda for the

     next meeting and the board will vote on whether to approve or deny

     the application. Mr Evans stated that because they had already

     spent a large amount of money and are losing money daily by

     holding up their work crews he would have no other choice other

     than to file suit against the association.  His statement was

     acknowledged by the board.

B.  Road Report

     Jay Carmona gave a lengthy report on the prograss of the road

     work currently being done. He stated that all one acre roads have

     been addressed either with new road material and/or graded and

     watered. He stated that with all of this work we are still under

     budget and will continue with applying road material on more roads.

     He assured everyone that every road will be worked again as the

     season progresses.  No road is ever considered finished.  It will be

     on going work as needed.  He is currently trying to find out who

     reworked the plumbing equipment on the water truck last year

     as it was done incorrectly which causes large amount of leaking

     when filled.  To date he has not been able to obtain the information

     needed.  Although not his policy he addressed false accusations

     about some of our past road crew employees being fired or released

     when he took over.  He explained that one resigned and one chose

     not to attend a mandatory meeting or respond to any attempts to

     contact him.  The third past employee was released for several

     reasons including his using association equipment to clear his own

             road and driveway which is located in the 10's.  Also he exhibited

             blatant disregard for association equipment.


C. Park Report

             McPartlin reported on the Highlands wide meeting held on April 22.

             She stated that she was giving this report not as a board member

             but as a resident who has been working on park issues for many

             years.  The meeting was a gathering of all residents of the Highlands

             to create a list of “wants and needs” for our community.  She

             explained that there are several “pots” of monies available to the
             Highlands.  The park fund is exactly that and those monies can

             only be used for the park.  Then there is the $10,000/year that has


             been Lockwood or River District, Mark Twain and the Highlands.  The

              other monies can be obtained through grants.  Cherie Nevin is in

              charge of overseeing county projects and will  

6.      Old Business


7.      Unfinished Business


8.      New Business


9.      Any Other Matters which the Board Members wish to discuss


10. Comments by Association Members


11.  Adjourn


12. Executive Session to Discuss Possible Violations of the CCR''s, If




Respectfully submitted

Karlyn McPartlin