Present: Jay Carmona, Jason VanHavel, Jack McGuffey, Karlyn McPartlin

Absent: none

1.    Call to Order, Declaration of a Quorum and Approval of Meeting Agenda

The meeting was called to order by President Carmona at 7:08pm and a quorum was declared present. Carmona announced that Tommy Sargent had resigned as Treasurer due to complaints from association members concerning his ability to serve as both bookkeeper and Treasurer. Member Dave Thomas stated that the agenda had been posted late on the web site reminding the board that it according to NRS

it must be posted 10 days in advance of a meeting. McPartlin explained that she had sent it to the chat group on time but it took two days until it was posted. She stated that she has no control of when it is posted to the chat site. She also explained that she had been working with Jim Poston and now will be posting it herself without having to go to the webmaster. Thomas also questioned the posting date at the mailboxes. He was told that it was posted a day early in that area. He admitted that he had not checked so didn't know when it went up. Jim Watson also stated the same concerns as to the dates of posting. Again both were assured that the postings occurred as required by the NRS rules.

2.    Approve Minutes of 2014 Meeting

The minutes of the May 13, 2014 were reviewed. A motion by VanHavel and seconded by McPartlin was made. Minutes were approved by unanimous vote.


3.    Review of Financial Statements

Bookkeeper Tommy Sargent presented the financial statement for the month of May. The balance of all current accounts is $326.080.56 with expenses of . Member Pat Flanagan complained that the reports are “worse than ever” and questioned why. Sargent explained that he had again changed the format used as he is trying to bring the association into compliance with the NRS. We have not met all of the requirements for several years therefore it is taking time and additional effort to complete everything needed. Quick-books has not been used for the reports in prior years and is having to be tweaked to fit our needs. All of this is taking a huge amount of time and effort to correct. He stated that he is committed to having what is needed completed by the next meeting. Thomas also stated that we should not invoice the County for the 50,000 owed to us for the sale of the fire house until after June 30 for tax purposes. Sargent indicated that he was aware of the requirements.


4.    Comments by Association Members

Dave Thomas presented a large package of documents outlining items that he feels the board is not doing correctly. Some of the items include the Independent contractor question, again questioning the posting of agendas, the board over ruling of a decision made by the Architectural Committee and various items having to due with the reporting of the financial s. Since most of the complaints had been covered earlier his handout included a item A is attached.

Commissioner and association member Bill Sjovangen informed us that the Commission had approved Highlands Safety Day which will be held on the last Saturday of June every year. This will be when we will hold our annual road closure. The sheriffs office, Fire dept and any other group wanting to participate will be able to meet and hand out any information they would like to the homeowners at the two entrances. He explained that because Lousetown road and the first mile of Cartwright are county owned it has created a problem with our annual road closures. The road closures must occur once annually in order for us to keep our private road status. This resolution gives the Highlands permission to hold the event on county property. It was explained that even though those are county roads both lead to private property so this resolution makes it easier to hold without having to gain permission from the county every year. Bill was thanked for his work on this issue.

Pat Flanagan stated that he had sent a letter of request to the board asking that he be allowed to inspect all the equipment, equipment yard and both sheds. The request was denied. The board was advised by the Ombudsman that while all members have open access to the financial records they do not have access to the equipment or yard. He was asked why he wanted access and he commented that he needed to be sure that nothing had been stolen and that things were being handled in a “professional manner.” He was asked how he would know since he is an accountant and not a mechanic or member of the road crew past or present. He commented that it didn't matter that he had a right to inspect anything he chose. Carmona stated that he had inventoried the sheds and equipment when he took over the position of road manager. There was not an inventory done previously. The board knew of things that were indeed missing but have no way of finding out where the items are. His request was again denied by the board.

Another member asked about getting the sheriffs office to patrol the roads for the constant speeding that occurs daily. Carmona explained that Sheriff Jerry Antinaro had explained in an earlier meeting that his department could not patrol our dirt roads because the association had chosen to post 15 mph signs which were not in compliance with the county code of 20 mph on dirt roads. Until we remove the 15 mph signs he is not able to send deputies off of the paved roads. A discussion was held and it was decided that we would remove and replace the signs to bring our speed limits into compliance but it would have to be put on the agenda for a final vote.

Two homeowners complained that their roads were wash-boarding. Carmona explained that we will continue to have the problem as long as drivers continue to excessively speed. Also the mag cholr is leaching up which is causing additional issues. He reminded the homeowners that it was going to take 2-3 years to get a good road base in place. That with drivers slowing down will dramatically improve the ongoing condition of the roads. Another homeowner complained that the roads were not being watered. Last month 52,000 gallons of water was purchased from the county for road maintenance so they were being watered when possible.

5. Committee Reports

A. Architectural Committee Report

Rita Lumos reported that they reviewed two applications. One for

an addition on Clemens and one for a new residence also on

Clemens. David Morlan was unanimously elected to the

Architectural Committee. He gave a brief background and was then

thanked for joining this very important part of our association.

B. Road Report

Carmona began by answering a question concerning “junk” found in

the new road base. He explained that although virgin road base

was ordered we had indeed been sent a truck of non-virgin base.

He has contacted the company and it is being replaced at no

charge. The area is in the process of being redone. Two

homeowners stated that they wanted mag chlor used. Jay

explained that the original road plan called for class II road base and

that as Road Manager he is committed to following the plan that

was approved by the homeowners. Dust suppressant is

mentioned but that the process spelled out in the plan is what will

be used first. He again stated that he is committed to bringing the

roads up to the best possible condition within the constraints of

cost and use. He again pointed out that the number one reason for

dirt road issues is speed. Until drivers slow down to 20 or below

we will continue to need constant attention especially to some areas

that are heavily traveled. Mary Stewart stated that she has never

seen a water truck and questioned whether the road crew was

watering it at all. Carmona assured her that they are being watered

as needed and the the truck is out at least two days per week.

Leslie Biederman asked if the road crew was going to keep

watering throughout the summer and Carmona again stated that

the watering of the roads would continue. Homeowner Jim Watson

asked if we had done an analysis of the road base had been done.

Carmona stated that we are using virgin road base as called for in

the road plan. Mary Stewart stated that when her brother in law was

road manager he contributed tools and items to the association. She

also noted that many things were trashed as a clean up effort.

Carmona stated that since there was no inventory there was no way

to know what should have been there when he took over.

C.   Park Report

McPartlin stated that the park and additional fund monies are

currently being put in place. She has sent a list to Cheri Nevins

who will be in charge of helping us with both funds. It will be

her job to try and find grants to assist us in procuring a

community center which is number one on the want list created

at the Highlands wide meeting. She also reported that she has

requested that the basketball court be paved and hopefully the

pavilions be built this year at the park. No word yet as to whether

this will be accomplished or not.

6. Old Business


7. Unfinished Business.



8.    Any Other Matters which the Board Members wish to discuss

McPartlin reported on the vehicle sticker sales stating that so far

more than 350 have been sold. She stated that they are being

met very favorably and expect to sell more at the road closure.

She also reported that the email data list is being done as addresses

are sent in. To date approximately 300 have responded but we need

over 650 to have a complete list. There will be an announcement

in the newsletter so she hopes for more responses then. This list is

very important to the association. With it in place we will be able to

speak more often to all the members and have opinion polls that

will help the board to know with decisions that affect all members

whether they have built here or not. She stated that a mailing costs

in excess of $2500. With an email list polls and updates can be done

for free. She urged everyone to please send their email address to if they have not already done so.


10.Comments by Association Members.


Member Joel Smith stated that the Evans family were going to sue

the association because of the rejection of their new addition plans. The

members were informed that the board had approved their application

so there was no basis to the rumor. The attendees were assured that

Mr and Mrs Evans were very pleased to be allowed to finish their

addition. Joel Smith stated that his concerns with the Evans garage

improvement was that according to the Architectural guidelines, only

single family residences with a minimum building size of 1200'” is

allowed. The board explained that the main residence is over 1200'

and that this conversion of the garage is in addition to the main house.

Smith stated that the garage is 900 square feet.



With no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:55 pm with

thanks to everyone who took the time to attend.


12.Executive Session to Discuss Possible Violations of the CCR''s, If


Not needed



Respectfully submitted

Karlyn McPartlin