Present: Jay Carmona, Jason VanHavel, Jack McGuffey, Karlyn McPartlin

Absent: None

1.    Call to Order, Declaration of a Quorum and Approval of Meeting Agenda

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by President Jay Carmona.

A quorum was declared present. A motion by McGuffey and seconded

by VanHavel was made to accept the agenda. It passed unanimously.


2. Appoint Joe O'Brien to replace Dale Morgan on Board of Directors

Carmona asked that Joe O'Brien be nominated to replace Dale Morgan

on the board. Jack McGuffey stated that he has known Joe for a few

years and that Joe has contributed to the Association in many ways

through volunteer work that he has done such as coming up from

southern California to help build the park fence and he cooks for the

annual picnic each year. McGuffey nominated Joe with a second

from VanHavel. Joe was voted in unanimously.


2.    Approve Minutes of June 10, 2014 Meeting

The minutes of the June 10, 2014 were presented. Homeowner Joel

Smith requested that the comments by association members section

be amended concerning his comments at the June meeting. That section will be amended and the June minutes will be approved at the August meeting. Dave Thomas asked if the large packet that he presented to the board at the last meeting would be included with the minutes. He was advised that they would be part of the July minutes in the official record.

3. Review of Financial Report

Bookkeeper Tommy Sargent presented the financial statements for

June, 2014. The amount on hand is $285,305. Expenses for the

month of June were $17,100.

He also explained that the format for the statements is different because

he is bringing us into compliance with the NRS requirements. He stated

that it has taken a few months to complete the transition because

he has had to add some items to quick books that have not been

noted in the past. Since we are now in a new fiscal year the statements

will now be easier to understand. Tommy was thanked for his hard

work since he has become our bookkeeper.


4. Comments by Association Members

A homeowner asked if someone could bring in a RV and park on

their property at various times during the year. He was told that an

RV could only be lived in, even for a short period of time, if

a home was being built. In others words, no camping on property

is allowed. Also in order to live in an RV a permit must be obtained

from the county at a cost of $50/6 month period.

Homeowner Jim Watson asked if the Evans property improvement was

approved by the board. He was told that yes the issue had been

discussed in an Executive Meeting and the project was approved.

Homeowner Joel Smith stated that he went to the Planning Commission

meeting about the Evans project. He stated that the county is only

concerned with the county requirements but the HOA can be more

restrictive. McGuffey explained the approval process that the

Architectural Committee used. Both sets of plans were approved. Mr.

Evans said that all approvals have been received and they are moving

forward with the project.


5. Committee Reports

A. Architectural Committee Report

Architectural Secretary Rita Lumos reports that 2 applications were

received. First was for a new roof and another for a hay barn.

Both projects were approved.

B. Road Report

Road Manager and President Jay Carmona reports that road

maintenance continues on a 2 day / week schedule. Roads are

being graded, watered and rolled as necessary. The road crew

continues to provide maintenance on the vehicles as needed. Jay

continues to work with the company that reworked the water truck

to do repairs that are needed from the repairs done last year.

Jason VanHavel, who works for the DOT stated that, he has been

told that this is the worst year ever for dust problems due to the

continuing drought that the state has suffered the past several years.

Carmona stated that we can do all the work necessary to control

dust but if the 10 acre association does not address the problem

then we will have more dust. There is only so much we can do

when surrounded by dirt roads that are done differently then what

we do. The road crew is working diligently to control the dust

problem as much as possible.

C. Park Report

McPartlin stated that the wish list compiled at the April meeting

is now with Cherie Nevin at county. She has requested that

the basketball court and the cement between the gazebo and

the fence be done this year. We must wait for public works to

schedule the work but as of now nothing has been done. It

was also noted the the county cleaned up the park last week.

It was also noted that Doug Fontana and Devo McPartlin replaced

8 broken boards in the fence. This ongoing repair work is done

on a voluntary basis and we thank them for keeping the fence

in good repair.


6. Old Business




7. Unfinished Business


8 New Business


9. Any Other Matters which the Board Members wish to discuss

McGuffey said that several years ago when the county paved

Cartwright a letter was sent to the homeowners stating that “the

County will maintain Cartwright.” He said that he has been asking

long time residents if they still have a copy of this letter. It is very

important because if it can be found it would allow the county to

do the maintenance and repairing of the road. If it can't be found then

the one acre association will be responsible. Repairing the cracks

would cost about $35,000 and repaving about $3.5 million.


10.Comments by Association Members.

Mr. Evans asked if his remodeling project would continue to be

discussed at every meeting. He stated that all permits from the county

state and association have been approved and they are moving

forward with the construction. Carmona stated that he saw

no reason that anything further needed to be discussed.



With no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:17 pm.


12.Executive Session to Discuss Possible Violations of the CCR''s, If


No matters to discuss.


Respectfully Submitted

Karlyn McPartlin, Secretary