Virginia City Highlands Property Owners’ Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes for October 14, 2014

V.C. Highlands Fire Station Training Room-7:00 pm


  1. Meeting called to order @ 7:00 pm. Declaration of Quorum was approved with President Jay Carmona, Treasurer Judy Cziprian, and Vice President Jack McGuffey present.

      Secretary Karlyn McPartlin and 2nd Vice President Joe O’Brian were not present.


  1. Approval of meeting minutes: Were approved along with the addition of a comment from Sheriff Antinoro via Deputy Jeff Bowers to be added after public comment.                                                                                                                 Jack McGuffey motioned and was second by Judy Cziprian.


  1. Comments by Association Members: Valerie LaBel requested CC&R’s be amended to ban trapping. It was noted that the County Commissioners voted no trapping however they cannot override state laws. Jack McGuffey pointed out that no one can trap on private property without owner’s permission. Joel Smith asked about updating the CC&R’s and Jay Carmona responded that Joe O’Brian is in process of review and proposals as we speak.


  1. Sheriff Department/Deputy Jeff Bowers: Confirmed hunters/trappers cannot trespass on private property without owner’s permission and that discharge of firearms in the one-acre-association is prohibited. It was noted that citizens cannot/do not detain anyone and to obtain such information as descriptions/license numbers/number of occupants/etc. Jay Carmona noted all to call the Sheriff’s Office (847-0960)….not the POA. Deputy Bowers also noted the recently passed law that the POA liens supersede bank liens.


  1. Financial Statement Review: Tommy Sargent, VCHPOA Bookkeeper, announced the POA received $2500 from last month. Expenses were $10,925.35 and Cash-On-Hand is $255.565.00 Reserve Study just arrived and the VCHPOA Board has approximately 40 pages of documents to review.


  1. Unfinished Business: None.


  1. Committee Reports:


Architectural Committee; Jack McGuffey reported that there was only one filing and approval for exterior paint colors.

                                                                                                                                        Road Report; Jay Carmona reported that road work has stopped and gravel/sand and the plow trucks preparation for winter is now the focus. Jay will approach Storey County to quote crack sealing and partial paving of Cartwright Road. He will also request a quote for grinding and adding a 3-4” overlay. Sharon Snell requested attention be given to Agate & Lousetown.


Park Committee; None.


  1. New Business: Gail Kern of Reno, NV is now the new attorney representing VCHPOA. Hampton-Hampton of Las Vegas, NV will continue on with existing cases only.


  1. Matters Board Members Wish to Discuss: None.


  1. Comments by Association Members: Jaye Fontana asked if 10 Acre Board gave financial assistance to previous work on Cartwright Road. Joe Smith responded saying he believed the 10’s Board did contribute. Gary (no last name) recommended the VCHPOA Board look into Petro Mat fabric type layering.


  1. Meeting Adjourned: 7:56 pm


Report prepared by: Jack McGuffey, Vice President