Present: Jay Carmona, Judy Czperian, Joe O'Brien, Karlyn McPartlin

Absent: None

  1. Call to Order, Declaration of a Quorum and Approval of Meeting Agenda

    Motion to approve by O'Brien, Passed

  2. Approve Minutes of October and December 2014 meetings

    Motion by O'Brien. Passed

  3. Review of Financial Statements

    Bookkeeper Tommy Sargent reports the association has $287,000 on hand. Expenses for December of $4019 and $86,843 left in budget for this year. Account receivables of $115,000 reported.

    Reserve study is finished and given to board members for review and will be voted on at next meeting.

4. Comments by Association Members

Donna Fong asked how an infraction of the CCR's can be reported.

Carmona said to put it in writing and present to the board for action.

5. Committee Reports

    A. Architectural Committee Report

    Rita Lumos reports one application for a wheelchair ramp

    was approved.

    B. Road Report

    Carmona reported plowing for our first storm went well. Warned

    again that icy conditions do exist especially on Cartwright between

    Sazarac and Bullfrog. The association continues to sand that area

    even if the county has sanded earlier. Reminded board that

    discussion of the upcoming road plan will be discussed at the next


6. Park and Highland Capitol Funds Report

McPartlin reports that the total amount of the Park fund has yet to

be announced. The principle amount has been approved but the

Commissioners have yet to approve the interest that it owed to the

account. A suggestion was made to put together a detailed list of

what is wanted for a community center. This will be coordinated

with the Ten Acre Association as soon as possible.

6. Old Business


  1. Unfinished Business


8 New Business

A discussion about moving the due date for the yearly dues and

assessments to June. The board members and attending property

owners agreed that moving to June would be better than

January as is done now. It will fall more in line with our fiscal

year. It will also save the association an extra mailing which potentially

saves $3,000. Matter will be voted on at next meeting.

Jerry Antinoro stated that the signs in the Highlands are not consistent

The speed limit must be the same going both ways. It was decided

that the road crew will remove and add signs as needed to correct

this issue. Carmona will attend 10 acre meeting to bring both

associations in line with correcting problem areas.

9. Any Other Matters which the Board Members wish to discuss

Carmona related that a discussion with the Association lawyer about

trapping could be done under the “noxious behavior” rule. He will

have the lawyer draft the language. This is not a change to the CCR's

but a further explanation therefore a majority vote is not required by

the membership.

Larry Cole has agreed to join the Architectural Committee.

10.Comments by Association Members.

Jack McGuffey reported on the various committees he has been

assigned to as the commissioner for the Highlands.


Meeting adjourned at 8:07 pm

12.Executive Session to Discuss Possible Violations of the CCR''s, If


Submitted by

Karlyn McPartlin