Present: Jay Carmona, Judy Cziperian, Karlyn McPartlin Absent:  None


1.   Call to Order, Declaration of a Quorum and Approval of Meeting Agenda The meeting was called to order at 7:07 pm and a quorum was declared present.


2.   Approve Minutes of April 14, 2015 Meeting

The minutes from the previous meeting was approved. Motion by Joe O'Brien.


3,  Review of Financial Statements

Treasurer Cziperian announced an income of $1000 with expenses of

$15,950.  Total in bank is $240,624.

Bookkeeper Lorene DiVito spoke to the attempt to collect past due assessment and dues.  When she started a few months ago there was in excess of $70K outstanding. That number has dropped to $50K,



4    Comments by Association Members None offered


5.     Committee Reports

A.     Architectural Committee Report

At the meeting of the committee 2 fences and a horse corral was approved.  The board welcomed a new member, Charles Stutz to the committee.


B.     Road Report

Work is somewhat at a stand still because the county will not allow us to get water which is needed to do the roads properly.  Hopefully we will be allowed some water so work can resume.


C.     Park and Community Fund None


6.     Old Business

The county required that a letter from both boards be sent to them before the $10,000 grant money will be released.  A letter was sent stating that the funds will be put towards the cost of crack sealing

Cartwright Road.


7.   Unfinished  Business None


8 New Business

The Date for the Annual Meeting was set for July 25, 2015 on a motion by Joe O'Brien.

The purposed 2015-2016 Budget was approved on a motion by Joe O”Brien

The Annual meeting agenda was approved on a motion by Joe O'Brien.

A collection policy, written by our Lawyer, was presented for review and approval. On a motion by Joe O'Brien the policy was adopted.


.      9. Any other matters the Board Members wish to discuss The Annual Newsletter will be mailed on June 26.

Carmona informed us about conversations that he has had with the 10 Acre Association concerning combining the associations into one association for both. This can be done in 2 years. Both associations will carefully consider this move.


10.Comments by Association Members.




The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm


12.Executive Session to Discuss Possible Violations of the CCR''s, If Necessary

None necessary






Submitted by: Karlyn McPartlin Secretary, VCHPOA