Virginia City Highlands Property Owners' Association Monthly Meeting-Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fire House Training Room-7:00 PM MINUTES

Present: Jay Carmona, Becky Alcon, Tony Dosen Absent: Judy Cziprian, Karlyn McPartlin


I.   Call to Order, Declaration of a Quorum and Approval of Meeting Agenda The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm. A quorum was

present and a modified agenda (due to fire department requesting some time) was approved on a motion by Alcon.


II.     Approve Minutes of Meeting

Minutes from September meeting not available


III.    Comments by Association Members

The fire department gave a presentation on the Fuel Reduction Program in the VC Highlands


IV.   Review of Financial Statements

Lorene DiVito, bookkeeper, reported that the Operating Account balance is $106,029.23. The reserve fund has a balance of

$195,503.29. Expenses were $16,294.37. She also stated that we are down to about 20 past-due accounts with 2 being paid.


V.    Unfinished Business None


VI.  Committee Reports

A.  Architectural Committee

Carmona reported that one new home was approved and three solar panels installations were approved. Alcon made a motion to approve the March 3 Architectural Committee minutes. Approved. Alcon made a motion to approve the June 2nd minutes. Approved. Dozen made a motion to appoint Becky Alcon to Architectural Committee. Motion adopted.


B.  Road Report

Camona requested a motion to put out an application for plow drivers.

Alcon made motion for the board to start the hiring process for new plow drivers. Motion adopted.

Carmona requested that going forward the road crew should come to the monthly meeting with a report outlining their road maintenance estimate/plan for the following month so they could get pre-approval and we could have transparency and manage budgets more effectively. Alcon and Dozen were in agreement with this. Carmona also requested a motion to stop watering the road until the next road season since he had received complaints about watering in a drought and also said he would like to requested a motion that no more road maintenance be completed for the rest of the month of October so the road crew could present the plan for November which the Board could then approve. Carmona said previous Board members suggested this approach before. Alcon mentioned she had spoken to Doni at OSHA SCATS and she had confirmed that our road crew have to have OSHA 10 training at a minimum, and OSHA 30 if they are managing

other people. This is a Nevada state requirement. Carmona mentioned that he had checked with our insurance company and they said that our road crew needed to be “properly trained” on machinery and

have a DMV printout showing their driving record in order to be covered by our insurance.

Upon request Alcon made a motion that we would not water the roads unless laying road base for the rest of the year. Motion adopted.

Upon request Alcon made a motion stating all road-related expenses get authorization at the monthly VCHPOA meeting prior to the work being done and the materials being purchased. Motion adopted.

Val LeBel asked about the letter we had received previously about the cracks on Cartwright. Jay said they had told him it was too late in the year to get the asphalt laid, so it will be done in the spring.


C.   Park and Highlands Capital Fund No report


VII   New Business

Trapping was discussed. Carmona stated that our lawyer

said that the only way it could be banned is by modifying the CCR to list it undernoxious behavior. Alcon expressed she was uncomfortable with the board making this decision and thought the decision should be put to the homeowners. An attendee suggested that the board get legal advice from Fish and Game/Department of Agriculture. Carmona requested a motion to contact the attorney

once he received information from the Department of Agriculture.

Alcon made a motion to allow Jay to contact the attorney regarding the trapping issue based on the information supplied by the department of agriculture. Motion adopted.


VIII Any Other Matters which the Board Members Wish to Discussion None


IX      Comments by Association Members None


X        Adjourn

With no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:37 pm



XI      Executive Session to Discuss Possible Violations of CCR's, if Necessary.



Submitted by Becky Alcon, VP