Virginia City Highlands Property Owners' Association Monthly Meeting-Thursday, March 10, 2016

Fire House Training Room-7:00 PM MINUTES

Present: Jay Carmona, Becky Alcon, Tony Dosen Absent: Judy Cziprian, Karlyn McPartlin


I.††† Call to Order, Declaration of a Quorum and Approval of Meeting Agenda The meeting was called to order at 7:08 pm. A quorum was

present and a modified agenda (to allow bus driver Tami Pittman to talk about the roads) was approved on a motion by Alcon.


II.         Approve Minutes of Meeting

The minutes from October 13 meeting were presented for approval. Approved on a motion by Dosen. Carmona stated that the minutes for the February meeting needed modification before they could be approved.


III.       Comments by Association Members

Paula Bortner discussed her concerns about the mud on Hermit road due to the wet winter conditions and that the oxygen truck was not able to get up the road. Carmona stated he would be discussing the plans for the road during the road report.


IV.      Review of Financial Statements

Due to Cziprianís absence, Carmona read the financial report. The total in the Checking account is $366,852.50 We received $11,131.79 this month, mostly from dues. Carmona stated Lorene was doing a great job getting the dues collected. This month we had a total of $2,776 in expenses - bank service charges, a plow harness and check to bookkeeper.


V.        Unfinished Business None


VI.      Committee Reports

A.   Architectural Committee

Carmona reported approval for fencing and for a shed. There were no minutes available to approve.


B.    Road Report

Tami Pittman, the bus driver, for the Virginia City, spoke about some tight areas/corners on Cartwright (i.e., Saddleback and Sazarac) and suggested yellow lines in those locations or some signs and possible road widening. Carmona cautioned that if we widen Cartwright it might reduce some of the lots to less than an acre which becomes an issue with zoning. Tami also reported road rage issues with some residents running her lights/stop signs

and/or speeding. There was a discussion/brainstorming by the attendees.


Carmona discussed the wet El Nino winter road conditions and how this was the first time the roads have been tested for a long time. He stated he had inspected Hermit and that once the spring roadwork started the board would explore any possibilities for reducing mud. The attendees discussed options for getting oxygen up Hermit since the trucks are 2WD and canít get up in muddy or icy conditions. David Dates, a retired road engineer suggested part of the problem is the roads currently not having enough of a crown to allow the moisture to drain off the roads effectively. He also suggested hiring a soils engineer to test the roads so we can better select road materials.


Hazardous winter conditions sign designs were discussed. The audience discussed where to locate the signs. With a show of hands they unanimously voted to put the signs on the hazardous roads themselves rather than at the mailboxes. Design no. 5 was chosen.

Alcon made a motion to purchase 3 signs in design no. 5 and place them at the top of each hazardous road: Sazarac, Crestview and Bonanza. Motion adopted.


It was decided that an interim road crew should be hired until job descriptions and requirements for permanent road crew could be put together. Carmona stated John Senko and the 10 Acre road employee Gary Brownwell were available to be interim road crew.

Alcon made motion to appoint Gary Brownwell and John Senko as interim road crew. Motion adopted.


C.      Park and Highlands Capital Fund No report


VII          New Business None


VIII       Any Other Matters which the Board Members Wish to Discussion None


IX         Comments by Association Members None


X           Adjourn

With no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:27 pm


XI         Executive Session to Discuss Possible Violations of CCR's, if necessary.



Submitted by Becky Alcon, VP