Virginia City Highlands Property Owners’ Association

Minutes – August 9, 2016

V.C. Highlands Fire Station 72 Training Room

Present:  Carmona, Alcon, Schroeder, Warnke (later)

Absent:  Dosen


 I.         Call to Order, Declaration of a Quorum, and Approval of Meeting Agenda 

            President Carmona called the meeting to order at 7:08 pm.  He declared a quorum present.

Alcon made a motion to approve the agenda, seconded by Schroeder. Motion adopted


II.        Approve Minutes of Meeting

            Approval of July 12, 2016 meeting minutes

            Alcon made a motion to approve the July 12 minutes, seconded by Schroeder. Motion adopted


III.       Appointment of New Board Members/Election of Officers (Discussion/Action)

            Alcon made a motion to appoint Carmona as President. Motion adopted.
Schroeder made a motion to appoint Alcon as Secretary. Motion adopted.
Alcon made a motion to appoint Warnke as Treasurer. Motion adopted.
Alcon made a motion to appoint Schroder as 1st Vice President. Motion adopted.
Dosen remains as 2nd Vice President.


III.       Comments by Association Members (NRS 116.31083.5)

            Jaye Fontana raised concerned about the rutting on the steep part of Morgan and asked when it would be fixed. Carmona stated that the grader was down for repair and that Morgan was on the list to be graded as soon as the grader was back up and running.


IV.       Review of Financial Statements

            In Bookkeeper Lorene DeVito’s absence, Carmona reviewed the financial statements for the month of July 2016. Total revenue for the month was $396; Road expenses for the month were $1,114.00 (low due to grader being down for repair); Other expenses were $270 and administrative $2,205. The checking account balance at the end of July was $129,360.60 and the reserve account balance was $229,294.13.


V.        Unfinished Business – None


VI.       Committee Reports

A.    Architectural Committee

       Alcon made motion to approve June 7 minutes. Motion adopted.

       Alcon made motion to approve July 5 minutes. Motion adopted.

        At July meeting there was a revision to plans to change exterior of house on Saddleback – repainting, residing and re-roofing.
One resident Bob [______] requested putting a dog run up behind his house that is not visible from the road. Carmona had already spoken to him on the phone so Carmona requested he stay behind after the meeting to fill out forms as there was an architectural committee quorum present.


B.    Road Report

        Carmona reported that the oil leak on the grader had been fixed but that the mechanic had inspected it and that there is a fuel leak at the fuel transfer pump and there are no front or parking brakes. Parts have been ordered for a total of $1900 and it will be around $400 in labor. It will be fixed hopefully within a week. The roller has been red-tagged – the rear safety lights are out, no horn, and significant hydraulic leaks, there is a diesel leak around injector pump, RPM gauge isn’t working and there is a low engine oil pressure warning light. The Chevy 2500 plow truck has broken CVC axel on driver’s side, a crack on the front axle holder bracket and it needs an oxygen sensor. It also has a cracked windshield so Carmona will contact the insurance company about that. The Dodge plow truck no. 1 has a fuel leak in auxiliary fuel tank and it also needs a standard oil filter/lube. The brakes need to looked at at some point. Dodge plow truck no. 2 only has minor issues – needs an air filter and a tail light fixing. The most pressing concern is the grader, but the plow trucks need to be fixed ahead of the winter season. Carmona also discussed getting new straight plows for the plow trucks since the dirt roads are rough on the heavy V plows. The straight plows are lighter and tax the front end of the trucks. Carmona suggested replacing the plows on both Dodge trucks. Carmona suggested trying to sell the existing V plows. Schroeder suggested purchasing one straight plow for the primary plow truck and then see how well it works.

        Alcon made motion to purchase one straight Western plow blade, seconded by Schroeder. Motion adopted


C.    Park  



VII.      New Business



VIII.    Any Other Matters Which Board Members wish to Discuss

            Carmona discussed getting Dropbox account for $8.25 per month so all the meetings audio can be stored online and so a link can be shared as needed.


IX.       Comments By Association Members (NRS 116.3108.5)

            Mike Kessler discussed the well issue that was brought up at the USGS and requested a moratorium on building in the highlands for a period of time until the wells are replenished. Jack McGuffy agreed the well issue is significant but cautioned it would be hard to tell people who had purchased property in the Highlands that they cannot build on their land. Also, the well issue is not consistent across the Highlands. He also brought up the possibility of a GID for water access. Since opinions are very mixed about GIDs, he suggested having a meeting for all Highlands residents and bringing up the people from Lockwood who established a GID so they could explain the pros and cons. Carmon asked McGuffy how the Association would begin to look at a moratorium on building for a period of time. McGuffy said it would have to be put to resident vote. Several residents stated they would be happy to have their wells monitored so we can get a better idea on how bad the well issue really is across the Highlands. Carmona took a show of hands for those who were interested in having their wells monitored and said he would contact Austin Osborne and also talk to him about moratorium possibilities. Valerie LeBel asked if trapping could be brought up again. Carmona stated that if we send out a mailing for voting by residents on other issues such as a well moratorium then that could be added too. Bears were mentioned again and Carmona reiterated that residents need to keep their trash cans in the garage and only put them out Monday morning before trash pickup. He also suggested putting a ratchet strap on the lid to prevent trash going everywhere.


X.        Adjourn

            There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:56 pm.


XI.       Executive Session to Discuss Possible Violations of the CC&R’s, if Necessary

            Executive Session to discuss CC&R Violations


Respectfully submitted,

Rebecca Alcon, Secretary