Virginia City Highlands Property Ownersí Association

Minutes Ė September 13, 2016

V.C. Highlands Fire Station 72 Training Room

Present:† Carmona, Alcon, Warnke †

Absent:† Dosen, Schroeder


†I.† †††††† Call to Order, Declaration of a Quorum, and Approval of Meeting Agenda†

††† ††††††† President Carmona called the meeting to order at 7:17 pm. †He declared a quorum present.

Alcon made a motion to approve the agenda, seconded by Warnke. Motion adopted


II.† ††††† Approve Minutes of Meeting

††††† ††††† Approval of July 23, 2016 Annual Meeting minutes

††††† ††††† Alcon made a motion to approve the July 23 Annual Meeting minutes, seconded by Warnke. Motion adopted

††††††††††† Alcon made a motion to approve the August 9 meeting minutes, seconded by Warnke. Motion adopted


III. ††††† Comments by Association Members (NRS 116.31083.5)

††††† ††††† Jason Smith stated he was new and asked about the scope of road maintenance provided by the association. Carmona described our responsibilities and maintenance calendar and discussed how the late winter and grader issues had pushed our road work back further than normal.


IV. ††††† Review of Financial Statements

††††† ††††† Treasurer Warnke reviewed the financial statements for the month of July 2016. Total revenue for the month was $1,027; Road expenses for the month were $4,572; Other expenses were $333 and administrative $1,446. The checking account balance at the end of July was $128,080.05 and the reserve account balance was $228,553.02.

V. †††††† Unfinished Business Ė None


VI. ††††† Committee Reports

A. †† Architectural Committee

†††††† Alcon made motion to approve June 7 minutes. Motion adopted.

†††††† Alcon made motion to approve July 5 minutes. Motion adopted.

At September meeting there was request for outdoor sauna, a covered deck, external repainting and a detached garage.

B. †† Road Report

††††† † New plough was ordered for truck No. 1. Sander truck has been repaired and readied for winter. Truck No. 2 had plough reinstalled. Roller was repaired. The grader had repairs to brakes, had fluids changes, safety items fixed, but then on Sunday before this meeting Gary was out grading roads and a piston rod came out of the engine block. Two options were discussed: Replace engine or replace grader. The engine canít be repaired since itís cast iron and itís an oil cavity and a weld cannot be guaranteed. After a discussion and look at quotes the board decided purchasing a rebuilt engine was best. Warnke made motion to purchase a rebuilt engine for the grader from Sandy Hook Diesel at a cost of $8925. Motion adopted.

††††††† The street sign on Sazarac and Silverado was replaced. Flint/Saddleback is missing. Upcoming road work: Saddleback grading; Flint needs road sign; Pinenut grading low priority; Sazarac West apron needs fixing; potholes at Empire and Sazarac need fixing; Hermit intersection grading. (A later Hermit project will be to dig down and have road base put down to see if it helps with the winter rutting issue); Mustang grading and there is a driveway encroaching on the road; Silverado grading and drainage fixing; Palamino grading; Dortort grading; Delta grading; Colt grading; Sutro needs intersection work; Grizzy apron work and grading; Enterprise grading low priority; Diablo grading; Clemens Panhandle to Prospect will be graded; Bonanza Clemens to Nugget will be graded; Crestview has potholes that need fixing; Highlands needs a corner cut. As soon as grader is fixed these roads will be fixed. In the meantime, Gary is going to begin working on drainage throughout the 1s. The County will be chip sealing starting September 26. October 10 they will be slurry coat. Should all be done by October 12. We are very appreciative the county is getting this work done.†† ††††††


VII. †††† New Business

††††† ††††† None †


VIII. †† Any Other Matters Which Board Members wish to Discuss

††††† ††††† None


IX. ††††† Comments By Association Members (NRS 116.3108.5)

†††††† †††† Sharon Snell discussed the fact that all 3 school board seats are open and have opposition. In the past there have been forums that have been sponsored by the democratic and republican committees in Storey County jointly. Before there were 4 forums, one in each residential area in the county. This year there will only be two. One in Virginia City and one in Lockwood. She stated her concern that people of the Highlands are missing out when itís such a large voting block. Sharon also asked who gives permission to set up a canopy at the mailboxes. Carmona stated that was a county thing. He said that itís best to set up on the side of the road opposite the mailboxes in the parking area.


X. †††††† Adjourn

††††† ††††† There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.

XI. ††††† Executive Session to Discuss Possible Violations of the CC&Rís, if Necessary

††††† ††††† Executive Session to discuss CC&R Violations


Respectfully submitted,

Rebecca Alcon, Secretary